Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Try it Tuesday......4Real Foods Cheese Pizza

I had never heard of this product line before until I saw it at Wally World. I thought I'd try it. It's kind of geared more towards kids, but these little pizza's are 4 WW points each, so I thought I'd test one to see if it would make a good lunch. I found them in the refrigerated aisle along with the Lunchables.

The company, 4Real Foods, touts an "honest to goodness" nutrition label, hence the 4Real name. The box says their products have NO artificial preservatives, NO artificial colors, NO artificial flavors. The company's pledge is the bring the consumer wholesome ingredients in satisfying portions. Here are some "real" facts about their foods:

65% less calories than the national leading brand
87% less total fat than the national leading brand
74% less sodium than the national leading brand
Low in cholesterol
Trans fat free
Excellent source of fiber
Good source of calcium
Good source of iron
No artificial flavors
No artificial colors
No artificial preservatives
Made from whole wheat flour
Made with real cheese
Nutritionist recommended

The website even has, Label Lingo to explain what the ingredients are and what they do. I like that. How many times have we read ingredients on a box and not have any idea what it means or what it might do to our bodies?

Here are the products the 4Real Foods company offers:

-Cheese Pizza
-Cheesy Turkey Pepperoni Pizza
-Cheesy Pizza Quesadilla
-Spaghetti Rings
-Mac & Cheese
-Meat Sauce with Beef Ravioli (no joke, the box lists the meat sauce first. Weird)

I bought the Cheese Pizza which came 2 cute little round pizzas to a box for $2.67.
Deep dish pizzas at that. I was a bit disappointed from the start because one of the pizzas seem to have much less sauce and cheese as the other. Take a look.
One of the sides looks so bare! I assumed it was from shifting in the box or something.

I baked my pizzas but they can also be microwaved since there crisping tray underneath each pizza.

Finally I was able to taste test. Hmm. What can I say? I really taste a whole lotta crust. The crust is made with organic unbleached wheat flour. It tastes good if you like that much crust. Thin crust pizza lovers will want to stay away from this.

Both pizzas have just a small amount of sauce so I didn't taste much of it. Gee, sauce really isn't too high in calories, so I'm surprised that the 4Real company skimped on that. The sauce is made with fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and garlic powder. Mmm. Sounds good if I could only have enough on there to actually taste those things. Although, that might be good for small kids who would make a mess with more sauce. The cheese is reduced fat mozzarella. I like it, but again, it could have used a little bit more cheese. Even without much sauce, I wouldn't say these are too dry.

All in all, I think these pizzas aren't bad and I'd buy them to eat with a big salad for a low WW point lunch. They don't taste funky or have an after taste at all. They are satisfying. I like them for kids too because they seem healthier than the regular old store bought pizzas that I file under my junk food crappola list. Oh, and did I mention that these cheese pizza's have 5 grams of fiber and 11 grams of protein? Awesome!

PS....When I was googling the 4Real Company, I found an article about a couple who actually named their son, "4Real"!! Seriously! Here is the article in the New Zealand Herald. Craziness? Or their right to name the kid anything they want?

Leanne Sig.

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Caity said...

There are so many more options nowadays! I LOVE pizza, but not just because of the crust. I'd probably fatten it up with more cheese :)