Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yes on 8

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Try it Tuesday.....Fiber One Toaster Pastries

Finally! I can write a review about these things! I've wanted to, but they just sat in my cupboard while I was sick. I'm still not up to par, but I finally did get to try the new pastries.

It seems like Fiber One is always coming out with new products doesn't it? I've already reviewed the bars and the muffin mix. I still need to review the yogurt, which I will do soon.

The Fiber One toaster pastries are found just about everywhere now. I found mine at Target for $1.99. Not too shabby. Wish I had a coupon tho.

I bought the strawberry flavored, but they also come in blueberry, brown sugar & cinnamon and chocolate.

How do they taste? Not too bad if I do say so myself. They have just the right amount of the frosting. Truthfully, I was expecting them to go cheap on that part. They are darker than regular Pop Tarts (because of the whole grain I'm assuming). They have about the same amount of filling in my opinion. I don't like the dryness of Pop Tarts and these Fiber One pastries are the same. I just eat the middle :) On the bright side, they don't fall apart like some store-brand toaster pastries do.

The Fiber One toaster pastries are 3 WW points for ONE pastry(in case you are counting).

These toaster pastries have 20% of the daily recommended value of fiber. I've been reading that Fiber One doesn't provide a natural fiber. Of course I knew that already. I wonder if it still does the same job as regular fiber tho? Some websites insist that it's not as effective as natural fiber. With fiber listed in the ingredients of my favorite foods, I get less Weight Watcher points, so I guess I don't care if it's not natural. :) If it's filling, then it works for me. (And no, I don't cheat and use fiber supplements or powders to lower my points in foods).

Fiber One toaster pastries are made with whole grain wheat flour. That is the first ingredient listed on the box. What's the 2nd? Corn syrup. Then water. Then sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Ok, so it's sugary. It's not exactly what I would call a health food even with the whole grains and fiber. Personally, I wouldn't eat these as a breakfast food. They are more of a dessert to me. They do contain 4 grams of protein.

If you are comparing the Pop Tarts brand whole grain toaster pastries, you will see that the Fiber One pastries have less calories (by 10), less fat (by one gram), less protein(by 2 grams) and the same amount of fiber. I've never tried them, so I can't compare the taste.

Oh, and one last thing. Usually Fiber One items give my digestive system a bit of trouble (backdoor trumpet playing anyone?), but these toaster pastries DO NOT, thank goodness! That's another reason I'd buy them again sometime.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

I Love Give-a-ways


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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cough, Cough

Being sick isn't my favorite thing. I've got a fever and a weird cough with a sore throat and swollen glands. Not only am I sick, but I fell at church on Sunday. So now my foot and ankle are swollen and it's hard to walk. Rick is out of town and the kids are at school, so it's just Ava and I. I'm assuming she will get sick next.


Sorry about skipping Try It Tuesday yesterday, but I just don't feel up to it. I'll be taking a break 'til I'm repaired ;)

PS....I'm excited that my nephew is the Athlete of the Week at his H.S. in CA.
You ~*ROCK*~ Nate!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Vote YES on prop 8

The Church released this updated statement on 16 October 2008:

As the Proposition 8 campaign in support of traditional marriage enters its last two weeks, the Protect Marriage Coalition is encouraging its members to make phone calls in support of the measure. The Church is participating with the Coalition in support of this endeavor.

This is a segment from a broadcast to Californian Church members addressing the Church’s doctrine of marriage and the Protect Marriage Coalition.

My sister in CA has had 3 Yes to prop #8 signs stolen from her yard. There are concerns that if same sex marriage is allowed, then it could possibly affect churches and temples who only perform heterosexual marriages. If bound by same sex marriage law, would the LDS church (and other religions) be forced to recognize same sex marriages? If the law passes in CA, it could pass in other places and directly affect the sacred ordinance of a temple marriage. I believe that Arizona could be the next state to address this issue through voting (but I'm not sure, so don't quote me on that).

I don't live in CA, so I cannot vote YES on this issue (I certainly would if I could), but I can do my part by helping others be aware of the issue. Check out this blog, prop8voterinfo. They have a wealth of information along with links to help a voter decide what to choose when voting.

For more information on what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believes, visit http://www.lds.org/. If you would like to read what the church specifically says about the same sex marriage issue, visit the LDS.org Newsroom here

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

What does your bed say about you?

I don't usually believe in these silly things, although I still find them interesting.

THIS one tho.... is ME to a tee!

What Your Bed Says About You

Outward appearances are a concern of yours, but not your primary concern. You try to take care of yourself and your home, but it's not an obsession.

You try to be an organized person, but you often fall behind. Certain parts of your life tend to fall into chaos.

You are very high maintenance. You like everything a certain way, and you're grumpy if things aren't the way you like them.

In relationships, you tend to kick back and let the other person be in charge.

You tend to be a dreamy, head in the clouds type of person. You think in terms of possibilities.

You are a total homebody. You are happiest when you're at home.

Speaking of beds...I like my bed. It's a wood sleigh bed with some bronzish ironwork. Now my bedding? That's another story. My bedding has to go. I've had the same bedding for about 10 years. My dogs have shredded it with their, "playtime". I'd take a picture of it all, but my camera is being poopy.

I can't afford new bedding right now, but if I could, I'd like to get something like this from Michael Kors:
Minus the leather pillows tho. I'm just not that into leatha.

OR...I could go luxurious with something like this:

Or luxurious PLUS comfy with this Tommy Hilfiger bedding:
I can just see myself getting a fabulous nights rest in this fluffiness of that bedding!

Maybe I'll just show you my favorite ensemble:

Just kidding.

Although, the skulls might keep the kids out of my room at night. ;)

More than likely, I'd buy something like this:
And add several different patterned pillows.

Maybe some like this:

For now, I'll just add it all to my wish list and keep dreaming. I'm just happy to have a bed and someone to cuddle with under the covers, no matter what those covers look like ;)

Leanne Sig.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Apothecary Jar..SALE!

Check it out! Looks like this large apothecary jar at Boscov's was $69.99 and now it's marked down to $9.99! It's 22" tall x 11" wide. Shipping is also $9.99, for a total of $21.98. Not too shabby. PLUS, it comes with the removable pears! I've seen smaller ones for about the same as the regular price. They can get expensive. It looks like ikitchen.com has the same one for $33.74. So it still looks like Boscov's is a better deal. They both might even be Pfaltzgraff??? Nice.

If you are thinking of ordering this from Boscov's, you might want to hurry. I'm not sure how long this sale lasts. Here is the link.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Halloweenie

My friend Leslie sent me a few Halloween cartoons today. I thought this one was especially cute.

I know some people think Halloween is an evil holiday, but I love it. Ok, not the evil part. I'm not really into the super scary stuff (although I'm letting Brycen be a skull biker this year...don't judge me), but I love most Halloween fun. I like to watch scary movies and go trick or treating with the kids. I love to watch them avoid that one house because it's just too scary (Beth should know which house THAT is). I love to light up the pumpkins and our flying bat in the window. Fall is my favorite time of year. I only think Halloween is evil if someone makes it evil. It is what you make it. I choose to make it F-U-N :)

Happy Halloweenie :)

Leanne Sig.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Try it Tuesday.....Kashi TLC Cookies...Dark Chocolate Oatmeal

I finally tried the free Kashi Dark Chocolate Oatmeal TLC Cookie. I'm sure they still have the promotion, so if you would like to get your very own FREE cookie, just click here.

These Kashi cookies are chewy! I like chewy. Who doesn't? The texture is dense with chunks of oatmeal and dark chocolate chips. Chunky is the correct word for these cookies. I can really taste the oatmeal but to me it tastes more like a granola bar. I like it though. It tasted even better when I nuked it a little. The chips were melty. It was more satisfying that way. Mmm.

Here are the nutritionals:Serving Size: 1 cookie (30g)

Amount/Serving %Daily Value**
Calories 130
Calories from Fat 45

Total Fat 5g * 8%
Saturated Fat 1.5g 8%
Trans Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 70mg 3%
Total Carbohydrate 21g 7%
Dietary Fiber 3g 12%
Sugars 8g
Protein 2g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 0%

WW points= 2 (not bad for a nice sized and filling cookie)

They also come in Happy Trail Mix and Oatmeal Raisin Flax. In case you were wondering, the Happy Trail Mix cookie contains cranberries, raisins, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and shredded coconut.

If you were to buy these, they are about $2.99 (Target) and only come with 8 cookies. Yikes. But still worth it in my opinion.

Leanne Sig.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Something To Think About Saturday

The valleys of discouragement make more beautiful peaks of achievement.

~President Gordon B. Hinckley

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Books-A-Million is on my crap list

You know I'm always up for a bargain or a good freebie right? Well, when I saw that the website, Books-A-Million had one of my favorite children's books, The Very Hungry Caterpillar for a cheap price, I jumped on it. The book even came with a CD and all this for only $5.27 TOTAL! It was a hardcover book to boot! Of course I ordered right away. I got a confirmation email with a link to check on my order status.

A week later, I still had not received my book, so I checked the order status online. The order was still in the processing stage! -sigh-

Another 3 weeks later (doing the math, that's a FULL month after my initial order), I receive an email saying the book is no longer available. Wha?! I'm sooooo ticked.

I had never ordered from this company before and now I know I never will again. Why advertise an item, take the order (and my money!) and then not actually fulfill it? Really poor business practice.

This has happened to me once before when I ordered (tried to anyway) a baby swing from Baby Universe. They also took my money and a couple weeks later told me that the swing was not available.

I've written a few reviews for both of these online stores in hopes that people will be discouraged from ordering from these sites.

I won't in put links on the stores, because I don't want any of you to have a similar experience, but remember the store names....Books-A-Million and Baby Universe. Be like me and put them on your crappola list. It might save you a couple online shopping headaches.

Speaking of online ordering...I'm super grateful for it. The convenience is amazing. I save time & gas, plus tend to find much better deals online than going to the mall. My love of Amazon has now turned me into an Amazon associate. I will post more about it later, but basically I will have a link to Amazon that you can order from and then I get some credit for it. Weeee. I will also have a widget where you can search Amazon right from my blog. Double weeeee!

Oh, and another reason I love online shopping is that I can order at any time of day or night sitting in my pj's if I feel like it :)

Leanne Sig.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Try it Tuesday......Yoplait Light Yogurt...cake flavors!

Fat free! 110 calories! Watch the Hungry Girl video. It's a bit campy, but Jerry adds a comical flair...

Wasn't Jerry a cutie patootie? My girls say he is from the Nickelodeon show, iCarly.

I think the cake flavored yogurts are so new that Yoplait doesn't have them on their website. Aleast I can't find them anyway.

Now... what did I, personally, think about the Yoplait Light Yogurts in cake flavors?
Well, I've only been able to try ONE flavor! I can only find the Strawberry Short Cake flavor. I found it at Wal-mart. I've checked Plumbs, Meijer and Target. No cake flavors. There is supposed to be not only the Strawberry Shortcake flavor, but also Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Raspberry Cheesecake. All of the flavors are 110 calories and 0 fat. I'd like to try the Raspberry Cheesecake soon if I can find it.

With not much to try, I can only say that I thought the Strawberry Shortcake was just 'ok'. It really didn't taste like shortcake, but it did taste like strawberry and has bits of strawberry. I wish it had bits of cake! There really isn't much else to say since I think I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between it and any other strawberry yogurt. Bummer. How about you all try them and then you let ME know what you thought? Maybe they can be found easier in other states.

Yoplait also makes the Dora the Explorer kids yogurt that Jillian loves so much (She's 15 by the way...haha). And they also make Fiber One yogurt. I have yet to try that. So far all the Fiber One products (bars, muffins mixes) don't agree with me (remember the rootin' tootin' posts?). So I'm a bit leery to try the yogurt. I might try it on a day when I don't have to leave the house. -wink-. Oh, I did buy the Fiber One toaster pastries at Target last week, but I haven't tried it yet. I think I bought the strawberry one. I'll write a review on it for next week.
P.S....let me know if the video doesn't show up since I'm using hubby's laptop and it doesn't seem to want to show, yet I know I posted it correctly.
Leanne Sig.