Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Books-A-Million is on my crap list

You know I'm always up for a bargain or a good freebie right? Well, when I saw that the website, Books-A-Million had one of my favorite children's books, The Very Hungry Caterpillar for a cheap price, I jumped on it. The book even came with a CD and all this for only $5.27 TOTAL! It was a hardcover book to boot! Of course I ordered right away. I got a confirmation email with a link to check on my order status.

A week later, I still had not received my book, so I checked the order status online. The order was still in the processing stage! -sigh-

Another 3 weeks later (doing the math, that's a FULL month after my initial order), I receive an email saying the book is no longer available. Wha?! I'm sooooo ticked.

I had never ordered from this company before and now I know I never will again. Why advertise an item, take the order (and my money!) and then not actually fulfill it? Really poor business practice.

This has happened to me once before when I ordered (tried to anyway) a baby swing from Baby Universe. They also took my money and a couple weeks later told me that the swing was not available.

I've written a few reviews for both of these online stores in hopes that people will be discouraged from ordering from these sites.

I won't in put links on the stores, because I don't want any of you to have a similar experience, but remember the store names....Books-A-Million and Baby Universe. Be like me and put them on your crappola list. It might save you a couple online shopping headaches.

Speaking of online ordering...I'm super grateful for it. The convenience is amazing. I save time & gas, plus tend to find much better deals online than going to the mall. My love of Amazon has now turned me into an Amazon associate. I will post more about it later, but basically I will have a link to Amazon that you can order from and then I get some credit for it. Weeee. I will also have a widget where you can search Amazon right from my blog. Double weeeee!

Oh, and another reason I love online shopping is that I can order at any time of day or night sitting in my pj's if I feel like it :)

Leanne Sig.

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Nikki said...

I'm with you on this! Love to shop online when it goes smoothly- hate it when they, after a month just delete your order without even notifyingyou. This happened to us when we tried to order a Wii online at Game Stop. Never going there again!

Gretta said...

I don't order tons of things online unless the shipping is free or pretty close to free or cheaper than paying gas to drive to that store. Another bonus about shopping online is a lot of times they don't tax you. Which on big orders 7% (our sales tax) can add up fast. So far I haven't had a bad experience. I hope they refunded you money.

MEGAN said...

Ugh. That is so frustrating! I'm glad you posted about it so I know who to avoid since I do tons of online shopping as well. (I am addicted to eBay!) So far the only place on my "Crap List" is Target. They did the same thing to me that happened to you. Also, last year I ordered stockings and a tree skirt from them at this time of year and it didn't come until January!!! I ordered Ally's crib set from their online store and it took 5 months! I will never buy from Target online again. And that is sad because I love me some Target. :)

Andrea said...

I love the cartoon. I will have to ramp up my online shopping.