Monday, November 30, 2009

What A Deal!

Need an inexpensive gift? A beautiful inexpensive gift? Look no further!

Check out these gorgeous antique looking clocks at Deseret Book. The price? Only $2.99!

That's right...$2.99! The normal price was $19.95.

Um, there is one tiny catch to it. These have a sweet sentiment printed on them , but there is a misprint. :(

But take a look ^... it's a tiny misprint. Truthfully, it doesn't bother me a bit. I bought one (or a few!) myself. I haven't received mine yet, but I've ordered from Deseret Book before and have always been pleased with their products. These clocks are 10 inches high with a 6 inch face. Good sized!

Now if you don't want the misprinted one, no worries. They have other clocks with different sentiments on sale for only $9.98! How about one that says, "Families are Forever"? Or one that says, "Time spent with family and friends, is time well spent."? Cute.

Plus, there are several other things on sale and clearance.

Annnnnd....if you spend $50, you can use this code (9GGDIR) to get $10 off your order. It doesn't expire until December 24th. And yes, this includes sale and clearance items! The only thing it doesn't include are the Willow Tree products, gift cards and church distribution items.

Happy shopping everyone!

EDIT: 12/01
Hurry! Use this code (insider1201) to get free shipping on an order of $25 or more! But hurry....it expires at midnight tonight! (I don't think you can combine coupons, but you could try)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Grateful Heart

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

5 Things

I totally love Megan's frames! Thanks Megan!

There are so many things I am thankful for that there wouldn't be enough shabby frames to cover them all! So I've decided to just narrow it down to 5 (but squeezing my family of 7 into 3) and then maybe, just maybe add more and occasionally post them.

For now, my 5 are (not in any order at all since I love all of my family equally of course...)

1. My beautiful girls
2. My cute as can be son
3. My patient, loving, hardworking hubby
4. The blessings that the Temple gives me. Because without that and the Gospel, I wouldn't be able to keep #1,2 and 3 forever.

And a random #5. I have really been soaking up the beauty of nature this past year. I've been trying to take time to appreciate all that Heavenly Father has given me to view, smell and feel in each of the seasons. One of my greatest pleasures is to look up at the night sky and enjoy each star. Another is to breathe in the smells of nature and concentrate on the smallest things that are so intricate and complicated, yet to some, so insignificant. Have you ever just sat and looked at a spider web? I can't get enough of a beautiful sunset or a rainbow. Sappy and cheesy? Maybe. But now that I'm older, I guess something is telling me to dig deep and really pay attention to the world that Heavenly Father has given me. I'll never know when He might just call me home and I want to have appreciated as best I can, what He has given me today.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Friday @ Amazon!

It's here!

Today is the day!

You know, I'm not a fan of Christmas commercialism starting before Thanksgiving, but I AM a fan of starting the gift shopping as early as I can!

I shop at Amazon every year because I can really find some great bargains. Actually, I'd say 75% of my shopping is done on Amazon every year. Most items have free shipping if your order totals $25 or more. I'm over 1/2 way done with my gift shopping this year and I already have Amazon boxes all over my house.

Shopping for toys? Try the Amazon outlet! I click on the button that is 70% off and can find hundreds of toys that are cheaper than in the stores. Amazon can be tricky though....sometimes they have things that are rediculously more expensive. Do a little research if you're looking for a specific toy and then check out Amazon to see how they compare.

Amazon also has some rebates etc. that make it soooo worth buying from them. Recently I saw Guitar Hero 5 bundle for $98.99 at Amazon PLUS they give you a $40 online store credit. PLUS, they had a code to get another $20 off the order. Total for Guitar Hero 5 bundle....$38.99! What a steal! Sadly, I did not partake of this deal and now the $20 off coupon has expired. But you can still get the bundle with a $40 credit on future orders, so it's still a great deal.

My advice for saavy black friday shopping, is to check out bfads.net. You may have heard of this site, but just in case you haven't, they give shoppers a sneak peek at Black Friday ads from major retailers like Target, Best Buy, JC Penney etc. Sign up for their newsletter and they will send you deal info every day in your email inbox. That's how I found out about the Guitar Hero 5 bundle deal.

Now, if you're planning to check out the Amazon early Black Friday deals, could you please click thru the banner at the top of this post, click the Amazon ad banner on my sidebar or use this link?? ----> Amazon Black Friday

I would be every so grateful!

Happy Shopping Everyone!!!!

And here is another one just to be safe! :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What are YOU thankful for today?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Coming Soon...

A special direct link to Amazon's Black Friday Sales!

Keep a look out.....
Everyone loves a sale! Especially one with low low low prices and ~free shipping~.

Did I mention that the prices will be LOW at Amazon? And hey, it won't be JUST on Black Friday! Amazon will be starting their Black Friday sale on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd! Deals all week. I hope I get some yummy goodies.

So come back here first thing Monday (meaning I'll have the link up at midnight) and there will be a direct link to the sales.

Did I mention that I get a percentage of the sales if you click on my link?? :) You would be helping my children's Christmas by just going thru my link to do your shopping. Plus, I'd love you for it and you would receive big blessings for helping me out *wink*.