Sunday, March 14, 2010

Snow Much *{FUN}*

Since it's starting to look like spring is upon us, I thought I had better squeeze in a little post about *sNoW.

Ava was kind of small to be out in the snow last year, so this year was super fun for her.  She had a new coat, boots, snowpants, gloves etc. 

She looked the part!

So off she went to play with Molly.....

....and Jillian.

But soon it was getting too cold & dark, so it was time to come in.

But Ava didn't want to of course.

How did she go so quickly from this.....

To this??!!!


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Nancy said...

So funny! And what a cutie. :)

Megan said...

Ha! I totally understand. :) She is so stinkin cute, Leanne!!!

Nikki said...

Oh how I know that change in attitude. :)
SO many cute pictures of cute girls!

龐克搖滾 said...
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Kara DeWildt said...

Lol..So funny! You KNOW that I get this! She is so darling. Cute coat by the way! TJ Maxx?

Caity said...

Yes, I've seen it happen many with my own little family. It's great huh?

She seems like a tough little cookie to want to be outside for so long though! Brrrr...why am I getting more wimpy the older I get?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that last pic. Priceless.