Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I am raising a comedic crazy boy. Brycen does and says things that crack us all up. It's hard to keep a straight face while telling him that it's not appropriate to squat down with his knees in his shirt and do the, "boobie" dance. Yeah, I'm one proud Mom.

Here are a few things that he has said (2 of them as recently as a day ago) that make me crack-up, yet may be on the inappropriate side (eek!):

1. After coming home from a friends house without eating dinner because he was too busy playing sports, Mom asks why he didn't eat when the rest of the kids did. After all, it had been all day and he hadn't eaten. He replied, "I didn't need to because I'm a MAN." Guess you had to be there for that one.

2. I was sitting at the computer the other day and in walks Brycen. He starts to sniff me all over. I ask him what the heck he is doing. He sniffs me again and says, "I smell a HOT Mama!"

3. Mom showed Brycen the pretty roses on her 7 sisters bush and of course he had to touch the thorns. He exclaimed, "Mother of Pearl! I poked myself!". What kind of kid says - mother of pearl?! According to him, one who watches Sponge Bob.

4. After calling to Brycen asking what he was doing (hadn't seen him in awhile), he called back in an irritated tone saying, "Mom...I'm ta-king a dump!". Gee, I wonder where he got that one from? Hubby's don't always set the best example for their sons do they?

Oh how I love my personal blog giving me the chance to jot down these experiences. It's sooo important to record precious moments like these. They make me feel like the best Mom in the world! (<---insert sarcasm here)

I guess I'm partly to blame. I'm the one who goes around saying that if the kids are lucky, they will be eating poop sandwiches or poop salad for lunch. And then I go on to sing the Poop sing-a-long, sung to the tune of "Fruit Salad", by the Wiggles. Poop salad, yummy yummy. Poop salad, yummy yummy.
Hey, life can't always be serious. There is a time for fun and a time to get down to business. I like to mix it up a little so as to not go totally insane ;)

Now, aren't you glad you read this poop....I mean post today?

Leanne Sig.

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Nikabee said...
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Nikki said...


Gretta said...

That sounds like something Brenton would say and do. I agree, you have to have some silly moments or life wouldn't be very fun. We just have to remind our kids when those silly moments are appropriate.

Megan said...

I've never met him, but I love him already. :)

Holly said...

Brycen, Brycen Brycen.... What a crazy kid!!!

Leanne said...

One more thing....Brycen got back from his Canada trip and that night he went to tell me goodnight by saying, "Goodnight Mom..I love you". Right after he says to Dad, "Goodnight Dad..I love you more."

Ugh. Now I know which kids is NOT my favorite. J/k of course.

Leanne said...

Typo..duh...I meant *kid, not kids.