Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who Meme?

Mama mia, it's a MEME!

I don't do meme's that much, but I thought I'd try one on for size. There are no rules for this meme. Just fill in your answers and tag someone else to do it (optional).

I tag Nika, Kara, Jenn and Gretta.

1. Where is your cell phone? Kitchen island
2. What is your significant other like? Strong and a bit business-like lately. Ugh.
3. What is your hair like? Right now, dry and poofy from the mugginess
4. What is/was your mother like? Gentle, loving and quiet
5. Your father? A bit grouchy (ok, as a kid a LOT grouchy), sneezy
6. Your favorite thing? Besides my family, hockey, reading, music, the Gospel, scrappin' (not in order of course)
7. Your dream last night? Um..don't remember any dream for once
8 Your favorite drink? OJ or Fresca. Or OJ and Fresca mixed
9. Your dream/goal? To see my husband's product take off and be successful. His dream is my dream ya know. http://www.hurricaneblovac.com/
10. The room you’re in? Computer room/office
11. Your hobby? Have several but like to digiscrap lately
12. Your fear? Too many too list. Fear of failure, but biggest fear is getting Alzheimer's
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Why 6 years? Um..seeing one off to college, financially secure, doing volunteer work
14. What are you not? Not snobby. Not skinny. Not mean. Not happy sometimes.
15. Muffins? I like Vitamuffins or a big fat Otis Spunkmeyer choc. muffin, but only when I can afford the calories and fat which is NEVER.
16. One of your wish list items? Free gas. lol No really, I wish for several things, but one thing is air conditioning in my van since it broke on me!
17. Where you grew up? Michigan and 1 year in Florida
18. The last thing you did? Told the kids to settle down. Before that, I ate french toast
19. What are you wearing? Nauvoo shirt and sweatpants of course.
20. Favorite gadget? Wow. Lots. I love my computer, but I also can't live without the microwave.
21. Your pets? Lost my Sweetie in January, so now we just have a min-pin (Minnie Me) and a gazillion salt water fish.
22. Your computer? Dunno. No name on it. We got it free. lol.
23. Your mood? A bit agitated because of the kids being wound up. It's raining out so that explains it.
24. Missing someone? Several people, but mostly my Mom and my son. I'm also missing Jillian since she has been gone a week already.
25. Your car? Boring minivan. Needs that air conditioning fixed! I do love the electric sliding doors and trunk.
26. Something you’re not wearing? Socks and my toe ring. I can't find it!
27. Favorite store? Target & TJ Maxx
28. Like someone? Several people. Too many to list. I like my friend Shasta. She's shastalistic.
29. Your favorite color? Orange
30. When is the last time you laughed? Laughed hard or just laughed? I probably chuckled today, but last night I actually laughed about Red Door perfume. Hmm. You would think that wasn't a laughable thing. Long story...and I'm not telling it. -sigh-
31. Last time you cried? Last week.
32. What did you eat last night? Chicken and then a chocolate peanut butter brownie
33. Will you watch the Olympics? Some of it, but not all. I like the gymnastics portion.
34. Last person you hung up on? My daughter about 2 weeks ago.
35. Last concert you went to? Kids concert. Haven't been to a "real" concert since I saw Chicago.
36. Last book you read? Eclipse
37. Favorite summertime thing to do? Don't really like summer that much. But I do like campfires and my family reunion. Otherwise, I like to tend my flowers.
38. Why do pizzas come in square boxes when they are round? Easier to make a square box?
39. Pluto is a dog, so what the heck is Goofy? A creepy dog hybrid?
40. Best burger of all time? In & Out!

41. Share a recent photo you have taken or have enjoyed

Leanne Sig.

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Nikabee said...

5. Your father? A bit grouchy (ok, as a kid a LOT grouchy), sneezy

I laughed at this one: "A-RUSSIA!" lol

Nikki said...

Fun to learn more about you Leanne. That picture is so funny & cute! :)