Saturday, January 17, 2009

National Geographic Website

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Ever watched The National Geographic Channel? They have a lot of great programs. One of my favorites is DogTown, a show about rescued dogs. I expect to shed a couple tears whenever I watch, but I can't tug myself away from it.

The National Geographic Channel now has a website where you can watch segments/videos from you favorite shows including DogTown. I recently watched one where people were seriously afraid of clowns. Just watching it could make me afraid! I find them to be a bit creepy anyway. Don't watch if you might freak out a bit. There are a few scary ones in the segment.

Anyway, check out the website. It can be a great educational tool (except for the clown one!)

Leanne Sig.

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Nikki said...

Another fun tip. :)
I'm not a fan of dogs, or pets in general, but I suppose there's lots of good information in their shows.
I have enjoyed the nature shows when I get to see beautiful places that I will never see in person in my lifetime.