Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Try it Tuesday........Banana Nut Cheerios

Ooh la la. I'm a banana freak, so when I saw these new Cheerios, I had to get them. Sometimes I am disappointed when I try banana flavored things because, well, they are just plain disappointing! They don't taste anything like banana or they taste like fake banana. Not Cheerios! Yum!

The box says it has the great taste of REAL bananas. They do. Yep. Mmm. Look at the ingredients. It has banana puree. Not banana flavoring. Banana puree. Never mind that it says sugar, brown sugar syrup and corn syrup first. Eek. Ouch. But at least it has real banana puree! Ugh. We can't win 'em all people.

I can't say there is too much of the nut flavor. I really only taste banana, but that's ok with me. Ava likes them too, so I'll have to hide these ;).

At 100 calories for 3/4 cup, I can afford to eat them. Yum!

Check out the website, there is a coupon to save a little when you buy your first box. There is also some yummo looking recipes such as Chocolate-Banana Bread. Plus there are some banana fun facts --did you know that over 96% of American households purchase bananas at least once each month? Or that bananas don't actually grow on trees? They come from plants.

And there are some facts about fresh bananas-- Did you know that bananas have Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps the body break down protein and carbohydrates. Cool beans. I mean bananas.

Now I need to ask for a little help. My nephew is coming back to Michigan with his AHL hockey team, the San Antonio Rampage. They will be playing our local AHL team, the Grand Rapids Griffins. Before or after the game, my family and I are feeding the entire team and coaches. I've been asked to prepare a dessert to feed them all. What the heck do I make? I refuse to buy anything because we were specifically asked to make a home-cooked meal. These poor boys have been on the road for over a month from what I understand. They will be dreaming of a hot cooked meal that isn't from Chili's or Applebees I would imagine.

I could use your ideas as to what to serve hungry men. I believe we are serving them roast beef for a main meal if that helps any. So any ideas out there??? Thanks in advance.
Leanne Sig.

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MEGAN said...

Oh, I love your reviews. Every time I try something new, I lift it up in the air before putting it in my mouth and say, "This is for you Leanne!" :) As for what to serve for desert, my vote is that cherry or apple thing with the yellow cake mix on top. Do you know what I am talking about? I can't remember what it's called, but it's easy to make and can feed a lot of people. You can serve it with vanilla ice cream. Not especially fancy, but yummy and easy.

And thank you for what you said on my blog! Made my day. :)

Leanne said...

Ha, you are sooo funny Meg! I'm glad you enjoy my reviews!

For dessert, do you mean Cobbler or Dump Cake? Either one would be good I suppose. And you're right...easy and yummy. Thanks!

Andrea said...

Thank goodness it is real banana. I HATE fake banana. Maybe we shall try these. (If I can find them at the cheapy store) I say there is nothing like a good homemade chocolate chip cookie. Or Pumpkin Crunch. Way easy to make.

~Jenn~ said...

Oooohhh, I saw these at Super Valu. An older gentelman was buying them (he has like 3 boxes) and said they are very good. I should try them. I'm a honey nut Cheerio fan myself but I like bananas as well. Hmmmm, as for Michael...my favorite desert EVER is banana cream pie...yum, yum. Or you could make up a yummy carmel apple salad. I have a really good recipe for that. Good old chocolate frosted brownies with lots of ooohhy gooey carmel drizzled on top is good too...yikes, now I'm making myself hungry...haha Hope that helps:) Love ya!

Leanne said...

Man, you all made ME hungry too. Thanks for all the suggestions on desserts.
First of all, I need that pumpkin crunch recipe Andrea! Second, I LOOOVE banana cream pie too Jenn. I have a recipe for some with cream cheese. It's soo good. Christi might be making her caramel apple salad. We call it SNICKER salad because it's loaded with snickers. Sooo delish and bad for me. You're right about brownies with frosting. Sooo decadent!

I will have to ponder them all, but I think I might settle on some tried and true recipes that I have made in the past. His hockey coaches said they didn't want to go low sugar, so I guess I make anything I want! They are expecting a variety, so I have a big time FULL day of baking on Saturday.

Again, thanks for the ideas ladies! I'm off to eat a bowl of banana nut Cheerios before bed. Mmm

MEGAN said...

I just realized I wrote "desert" instead of "dessert." Why are they spelled that way but pronounced the opposite? Who decides these things? I would like to file a formal complaint. This, of course, has nothing to do with my actual comment.

My actual comment:
I want that snicker salad apple thingy recipe! Can I have it? Is it hard?

Nikki said...

That meal sounds like a huge undertaking. You'll have to blog about the whole experience now that it's over. I know from FB that you made some pretty delicious desserts! Those lucky boys!

Thanks for the tip on the Cherrios. Sounds good. Thanks for the review.