Friday, February 6, 2009

Talk about some GOOD MAIL!

This is a rare gesture from my husband, so I'm soaking it up and letting it sink in. I know he means the things that are printed in this card and probably feels them every day. But to tell me in this way isn't something he usually does. And it's not even Valentine's Day yet! We don't really celebrate V-day anyway, so that makes this card all the more special.

He is in Boston on business and somehow, before he left, he hid this card for me to find.

Of course, I had to make a scrap page out of it right away.

Leanne Sig.

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MEGAN said...

Aw. That is SO sweet, Leanne. You guys are too cute!

Leanne said...

Thanks Megan, it's nice to know that after 24 years together, he still loves and values me :)

I sure need to learn from your digiscrappin' tho! I lost all my kits when my last computer died, but even with some new ones, I'm not so good in the creativity department. I need to learn from your example! You're the pro!

Nikki said...

SO sweet! You totally deserve this too. I'm sure he really appreciates you and all you do especially while he's needed to be out of town so often lately. Good man. :)

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet!


SarahB said...

How sweet and thoughtful! Love that you scrapped it!