Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Try it Tuesday........Sobe Lifewater

With soooo many flavored water brands out there, it's hard to do one post comparing them all. Some have vitamins, some don't. Some are sweetened with Stevia and some are sweetened with Splenda. It's just too hard to compare, so I thought that I'd do a couple Try it Tuesdays in a row about flavored water.

I've already done a post about Crystal Light Immunity.

And also posts about Archer Farms Spring Water, as well as a review of O Water. I've even done a review of Sobe Lifewater in the past! But back then, it was not very tasty in my opinion. To me, the Orange Tangerine flavor tasted like medicine, Read my review here. They still have that flavor by the way, but I'm leery about trying it again.
It seems that now Sobe has MUCH better tasting vitamin enhanced flavors! And ZERO calories to boot! It's flavored with PureVia™, made from the extract of the stevia plant.

We were lucky to receive 2 of the Sobe Lifewater flavors as a sample while we were exiting our local minor league hockey game (Go Lumberjacks!). My girls and I snagged the Fuji Apple Pear flavor, while my husband and son received the Black and Blue Berry. Of course my better half gave his up to me. He is generous that way ;).
Thinking of my last experience trying Sobe Lifewater, I kind of dreaded what lay ahead. But after trying them both, I have to say, whoa baby! They were very tasty. I was pleasantly surprised. Both were flavorful with no after-taste that I could tell. I was worried the Fuji Apple Pear would taste like medicine or worse, but it was yummy. I could taste apple and a bit of pear. The Black and Blue Berry was the clear winner though. So delicious.

Later, while at my local (over-priced...why do I even bother??!) grocery store, I spied another flavor, Yumberry Pomegranate. Surprisingly, it was delicious too, but sticking with the Black and Blue Berry flavor as being the best tried so far. They have a zillion other flavors that you can check out here.
The 3 flavors that I sampled have a hint of color to them, but not enough to stain your clothing and furniture like Crystal Light would. They come in 20 oz. bottles (a lizardy design with cool grips) for $1.69 at the over-priced (see?) grocery store. I'm sure they are cheaper somewhere else.

Oh, and each flavor has certain "properties" for health. Example: the Yumberry Pomegranate has ginger and dandelion (yes, you read it right) for PURITY health. Whatever. I think those things are just a gimmick to get people to buy the product. It does have 100% vitamin C though, so even if they just promoted that, I would be willing to try it.

At our next hockey game.... this time it was a fun trip to see the Detroit Red Wings play (Wee! My first NHL hockey game and so much fun! I'll post about that later), we received Vitamin Water 10 samples. Uh oh. Calorie city. I never liked Vitamin Water and was worried about the calories and the icky taste. My hubby and I were both given the orange flavor. I guess the 10 means 10 calories (duh), so I was at least happy that I wasn't splurging too much. What can I say about this stuff? Eh. It's ok. Nuttin' special. I guess it's better than any other Vitamin Water flavor I've tried. I'd drink it again, but only if there wasn't something else around. It's not saying much, but hey, it's the truth. If you want more opinions on Vitamin Water 10, take a look at the BevNet.com website here. There are lots of reviews for Vitamin Water 10 (as well as other brands too) from people just like you and I.

See you next week for another flavored water review!
Leanne Sig.

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Gretta said...

I have been wondering about the new kinds of flavored water popping up all around and have wondered if any of them are any good. Thanks for the reviews. I mostly drink just plain old water I don't like the flavored water with just a hint of flavor I am an all flavor or nothing just plain old water person. But when I feel like flavored water I know what one I am going for. I know it has Vitamins too but was too lazy to type that that many times.

Beth Soelberg said...

Great review! I have been avoiding flavored water b/c I'm not a fan of the taste of artificial sweeteners. At the same time I'd like to try substituting soda for flavored water (if I HAVE to have flavor!?) - right now I drink water with lemon, which seems pretty good. Do you mind telling me which grocery store you bought it at?

Your blog design looks great! :)

Kara DeWildt said...

I love your new blog design! How did you get that frame on your blog title though. I didn't see those. Maybe I'll try this water it sounds great. Thanks!

Leanne said...

Beth..I bought the water at Plumbs.

Kara...I got the free frame from Megan at her new blog. www.shabbyblogsblog.blogspot.com But I had to use my own program to make the header. She has free website links on her blog to make your own creations. Otherwise most people use expensive software to create digital scrapbook pages etc. I can't afford that right now, so I use a cheaper version.

I bet I'll be changing my backrounds ALL the time now that Megan has free choices at her website! Fun!

Caity said...

I have heard sooo much about those vitamin waters. I've been curious. Thanks for the review!

Your blog looks so snazzy :) I think you need to come over and show me how to use some stuff though :)

Michelle said...

Hey, I like the new style but the old one was good too.

I tried the Sobe Life Water from Target (on sale for $1.00 I think) and really liked the Fuji Apple Pear. I bought that one a couple months ago to drink on my whale watching trip. Liked it enough to buy it again! The Yumberry Pomegranate was good too. I'll have to try the Black & Blue Berry since you recommend it. I was surprised it tasted so good and was 0 calories. I love the bottle design. Very cool.

Nikki said...

I like Vitamin Water- especially the XXX flavor (acai-blueberry-pomegrante). I think the VW10 is good enough for when I want some flavor and few calories. I'm intrigued by Sobie now. I will have to go get some, because I always take your recommendations!