Thursday, April 2, 2009

Molly's First Temple Trip

I just had to share how excited I am that Molly was able to go on her first Temple trip last Saturday!

She turned 12 in January. This was the first scheduled Temple trip that the youth of our Ward went on to the Detroit Temple. She was thrilled to be able to baptize those who have gone on before us. It was a fabulous experience for her and I'm really proud that she chose to go.

She is my third daughter to go on Temple trips with the youth. Brycen is turning 11 tomorrow, so one more year and I'll have 4 kids in YM/YW! Wow. When they all go on the same day, it will be a lot of baptisms that my family performs for others. Around 40 in one day. What a blessing.

Jillian didn't take her camera, so this photo was taken with her cell phone. I'm just glad we have a little something to document the special moment.

Leanne Sig.

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Gretta said...

I remeber going to the Chicago temple as a youth and loving it. My favorite memory was after the temple on the drive home putting makeup on Brandon Byers and Michael Atkisons face and then having them go out like that at a rest area. Brenton does his first temple baptisms this coming Thursday. One of the baptisms will be for my Grandpa Bugee who past away a year ago Dec. I am just so happy he can do this before July 1 when the temple closes for 15-18 months.

Caity said...

I loved my first temple trip. Actually my very first time was combined with the Muskegon ward and Joel was there. That kind of made it extra fun :)

Won't that be so cool to go to the temple with your kids all together?! I can't wait for that. Well, I can, but you know what I mean.

Nikki said...

That's great. I'm going with Jillie next weekend to Palmyra temple. it'll actually be her 2nd time doing baptisms. This time though my mom sent some family names for her to do.
My first temple experience was in the Washington DC Temple. Grandma Nellie and Grandpa Cecil were there on their mission. Grandma took me in and got me settled with another youth group there. Good Memories. :)