Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not too Shabby!

Instead of trying a food or cleaning product on Try it Tuesday, I want you to "try" a new website instead!

I have to plug my sweet friend Megan's website! She is, and always has been, a very talented person! (I thnk she gets that from her Mommy).
She has her own ~new~website that has the most shabbilicious *FREE* blog backgrounds! Holy cuteness! You have to check it out. She also has the most awesome blinkies and buttons for your blog....all free. I have a couple on my sidebar already. How sweet of her to offer her talents up to the rest of the bloggers of the world.

Here is a quote from her website, Shabby Blogs:

Your home may be where your story begins, but your blog is where your story is told. Here at Shabby Blogs, we believe everyone deserves to tell their story in style!

Now get on over to Shabby
today and enjoy a new shabby blog background that is just your style! Megan is
adding new things all the time. Don't delay...make your blog more YOU today!

Oh, and notice that I'm using one of her backgrounds myself for this blog. Guess what it's called? Yep, it's called, Leanne! Megan is so generous and thoughtful. I can't say I'll keep using the same background long though. Megan has fabulous taste. And with so many backgrounds to choose from, she makes me want to change mine every day!

I love Megan. -sigh-

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MEGAN said...

You are SO DANG SWEET, Leanne! Seriously. How did I get so lucky? (And HOW did you know I needed this today?) I am so blessed to know you.