Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Try it Tuesday....Glade Fragrance Collection Soy Candles

Glade soy candles are part of The Fragrance Collection. As I've said before, I am a Bzz Agent and they frequently send me free products in their kits to sample and then review. This campaign for the Glade soy candle has been one of my favs so far!

For starters, they did an awesome job presenting the product with a pretty box with the information tucked into a vellum envelope. It even had fancy envelopes to share coupon cards with my friends. Those envelopes even had little scratch 'n sniff type smellies. But do you think I took photos of all of this? Of course not. This is me after all.

-Sigh-. I always mean to document things through photos and then forget. My nice camera is still broke, so I've been using Jillian's Canon. I'm sure she is just thrilled that Mom steals her camera all the time.

Anyway, if you would like to see what the packaging "looked" like, check out this person's review. See? She was was smart enough to take photos before she talked about her Bzz kit.

Anyway, this kit was beautiful. I think they did a great job on presentation, but was I going to base my opinion on presentation alone? Nope. I tried to be neutral...at first.

You had me at hello Glade! I couldn't help but love these candles from first look. I'm mean, really...just look at it!
Cute as a button! A nice looking, solid, 3 wick candle in a glass jar with a cute tin lid. Beautiful.

The scent that was sent to me (hee hee) was the Currants & Acai. It was wonderful! Very aromatic before I even lit it. Of course I had to light it right away. Especially since we had a flood in our basement recently and I was still trying to cover up the musty smell. The candle sure worked. Yes, it's just about the same as a Yankee or any other high end candle. This includes both the long lasting scent as well as the look. Plus, soy candles win me over most of the time anyway.

Here are some of the reasons that I will buy these candles again and again....

First of all, the are soy. Meaning noooo sooty smoke.

Second, they are strong smelling. I tested them against my Woodwick candles. What I do is go to the opposite end of the house away from the candle burning. I start walking and note where I'm at when I smell the candle. (yes, my house is long...one candle will NOT fill my whole house with it's aromatic smell). Sooo...the results are this. I notice the Woodwick about ONE step before the Glade soy candle. Not too shabby!

Third, like I said before, the soy candles from Glade are upscale looking. I just love that tin lid.

Fourth, they have over 90% natural ingredients.

Fifth, I don't have to head to the mall or gift shop to buy them! I can just head on over to Wal-mart or Target.

Actually, my sixth reason should be the second. They have *gReAt* fragrance choices:

Lotus Bamboo--lotus notes with a touch of citrus on a bamboo base.

Currants & Acai -- Tart red currants combined with the tanginess of the Acai berry.

Sheer White Cotton -- Floral, fruity and woody notes, including freesia and lime. (I bought this one! It's fabulous)

McIntosh Apple -- The crisp scent of fresh picked apples, crisp and juicy, yet slightly tart.

Earthly Awakening -- Nature-inspired fragrances for a mellow and soothing scent.

Orange Vanilla -- A favorite treat of fresh oranges with a rich, creamy vanilla.

Seventh, yes, there is a 7th! You can pick up these Glade soy candles in 2 different sizes. A 10 ounce (the one I received, about $8.99 each) that burns up to 35 hours, or a smaller 4.9 ounce that burns 26 hours (about $5.99 each). Now, don't expect the smaller one to be as cute. It has a plastic lid. :( Oh, and the Glade Fragrance collection also has reed diffusers in the same scents. Mmm.

Now for the one drawback. You did expect a drawback didn't you? Ok, maybe not, but here it is. Some stores have these candles in their grocery aisles (hello Wal-mart?!) and they get shuffled around and the cute tins get dented & scratched. Not so cute anymore. I was also at my local Meijer store where they have these candles in with all the other candles away from the grocery aisles. Did I find dented tins? Yes. Plus some scratched ones too. I suppose grocery chains don't take the care that a gift shop would. I also could not find all of the scents in one place. I never even saw the Lotus Bamboo or the Orange Vanilla. I'm dying to try the Orange Vanilla.

Now for some *AWESOME* news for YOU! Nope, I'm not going to offer you any coupons, although I did receive some in my Bzz kit. The following deal is much better.

I stumbled upon a way for you to get 2 of the small size Glade soy candles for ~FREE!~ Oh wait, did I say free? I meant, free PLUS get a some money back from Target! Go to Target and you will see they have a sign by the Fragrance Collection of Glade soy candles that says buy *2* 4.9 ounce candles at $5.79 each, get a $5 gift card. Well, I also have a link for a printable coupon! Buy those candles using two of these coupons that are good for $4 off of ANY Glade Fragrance Collection soy candles. Put all that together and you have *better* than free! Weeeee! You must do this before May 1st, so don't dilly daddle. Hurry and print those coupons and get your fanny over to Target pronto. No, I haven't tried this deal yet, but I plan to tomorrow. :) By the way, does anyone ever really say, "dilly daddle" anymore? Geesh.
EDIT: Ok, well, it seems that the $4 off coupon has expired. I'm disappointed because it was still working when I posted this. But...not to worry...I still have some $3 off fragrance cards that you may use. Just let me know if you would like one and I will mail it to you. Leave me a comment and let me know if you would like one. Even with a $3 off coupon, you still get a good deal at Target :) Oh, and I know Ebay has some Glade coupons that might save you a bit too.
2nd EDIT: All of the coupons for the Glade soy candles are spoken for. Thanks everyone!

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Gretta said...

The $4.00 off coupon is no longer available. That makes me sad because I really wanted to try them. Guess I will have to look for them on sale and not free.

Nikki said...

I don't do candles much.. but as usual your review makes me want to go try it!! Thanks Leanne. You are so persuasive! :)

Nikki said...

Better use your powers only for good :)

Leanne said...

Wow. How disappointing. When I did this post, the offer WAS available! Now it's not. BUT...no fear..If you really want a coupon, I have several that are $3 off. Still a fabulous deal. Just let me know if you would like one and I'll zip it in the mail to you. :)

Gretta said...

Sure you can send me a coupon if you have some to spare. I have never tried soy candles but they sound great. I think we need to get together soon. I am itching for a vacation.