Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baaad Mama....again!

Dumb....da dumb dumb. I did it again!

This time I receive my own, "Bad Mom" award because I have a big mouth.

Our small, irritating dog, Minnie likes to yipe at everyone and everything. It's annoying so I find myself yelling at her all the time. Not at the top of my lungs or anything, but nevertheless I scold her frequently.

So of course one day I was annoyed at her barking and told her to, "shut up". So now...every time Minnie barks too much, guess who tells her to, "shut up"?? Yep. 23 month old Ava.

I'm such a baaaaad Mama. -sigh-

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Nikki said...

You're not a bad mom. (and I bet Eva is cute saying shut up!) Just need to teach her a new thing to say- something that's more fun to say :)