Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Try it Tuesday.....Strawberried Peanut Butter M&M's

Strawberried Peanut Butter M&M's? I should have known it was that time of year. Remember the Cherry M&M's and the Razzberry M&M's? Yep, Limited Edition time. This time the candy is tied in with the 2nd Transformers movie coming out soon.

The check-out girl at Walgreens asked me if I'd like to try these M&M's along with the Snickers bar that has a yellow nougat center (not appealing to me at all). I decided to try the Strawberried M&M's because I looooove the little round critters and could pretty much live off them if need be. Not the strawberry ones, but the plain milk chocolate ones, the peanut or the almond ones. Mmm.

Ok, review time. Surprisingly, there is only a hint of strawberry in these. I tasted it at first and as I ate it, I noticed that he strawberry gives way to the peanut butter taste. So by the time you eat a few, you are pretty much only tasting the peanut butter. If you want to savor the strawberry part, eat only one or 2. I'm not kidding. Oh and don't expect a 'real' strawberry taste here. These aren't gourmet..they are M&M's.

The check-out girl said there was NO milk chocolate in these, so I was a bit skeptical about just eating pb with strawberry. I was expecting it to be like a pb & j sandwich. Wrong. And the check-out girl was wrong. There IS milk chocolate. Sooo much better.

So basically these M&M's look like regular PB ones...bigger than average sized M&M's. They come in red, yellow and brown (like the colors matter to the taste!) and the yellows have red speckles (again, it doesn't matter, so why am I bringing this up?) I'm thinking the strawberry taste might be in the shell or the milk chocolate, but there is more pb than either of those, so the pb tastes overpowers the strawberry. Hence, like I said before, there is only a hint of strawberry. Seems to me, the razzberry was the same with only a hint of the taste. Personally, I like it that way.

I like them (not enough to fall in love), and Jillian thinks they are good, but like me, she prefers plain M&M's. Molly wouldn't even try one at first! She thought they sounded icky and truthfully, I cringed a little when I saw them too. I forced Molly to try one (shocker that I had to force a kid to eat an M&M!). Quickly, her hand shot out for more, so I'm assuming she likes them. The other kids aren't around, so ya snooze, you lose. :)

Rumor has that there are also Limited Edition Coconut M&M's coming out this summer or are already out. I dislike coconut with a crazy, don't come near me with that stuff passion, so I won't be trying these. You wanna try them? Knock yourself out, but don't even look at me while you're eating them or I will barf.

This past week I also tried Jet Puffed Mallow Bites. Did you know they made these?? My friendly Target had them on the shelf in a little reclosable zipper bag for $1.49. Do you like those milk chocolate covered bunnies that are sold at Easter? It's just like eating those! Tastes exactly the same. Only it's your average mini marshmallow dipped in milk chocolate. Mmm. Delish! Eat them straight out of the bag or plunk a few in your hot cocoa. I loved it in my cocoa. It was a cold rainy day, so hot cocoa with a few (or zillion) of these hit the spot. The Nutrition Facts state the calories/fat etc for 2 servings per bag, -OR- they know what pigs we all are, so they included the nutrition facts for the whole bag. 1/2 bag (24 mallows), 130 calories, 5 grams of fat. Entire package? 300 calories, 11 grams of fat. Hmm. Something wrong with those numbers. That's more than double the 1/2 bag. Whatever. Better to weigh it using grams to be more accurate. If you're not counting fat and calories, it doesn't matter does it?! Just go out and get some of these and ENJOY. :)

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Nikki said...

2 try-its for the price of 1! :)
I'd try the m&ms though they sounds a little strange. I would LOVE the coconut. How can you not enjoy coconut anc chocolate?! :) YUM.
Marshmallows sound great too. Reagan would love me if I brought those home!

Gretta said...

I just saw those M&M's in a coupon just yesterday and my fisrt thought was gross those combos don't sound good at all, but after reading your post I just might dig out that coupon and try it. Thanks

Caity said...

Oh, I'm so craving those! I'm wishing I hadn't given up sugar right about now.