Monday, January 7, 2008

Random Christmas Photos

I know it's been awhile since I've posted...sorry. I've been busy and now I'm a bit sick. Recovery has been slowww. I'm fully expecting the rest of my family to get it. I'm tired of being down in bed, so I thought I'd get up and try to post some recent pictures of my family during the Christmas season.

Here's Macie with the gingerbread house that she made with her Adopt-A-Reader, Mrs. Sikkenga. Last year at her elementary school, every Tuesday Mrs. Sikkenga came in to read with Macie and help her along with spelling. Each child had their very own Adopt-A-Reader. What a wonderful concept! All of my children have had one so far. Macie's friend still keeps in contact with her and occasionally comes over to pick her up and do fun things. This time it was to make the gingerbread house. On her birthday, she took her to McDonald's and gave her a squishy pillow as a gift. (note to self...remind Macie to write Thank You notes!)

Here is Jillian and her friend getting ready for their HS Christmas dance. When I was young, a Christmas dance didn't even exist. Around these parts it's a big deal, but homecoming isn't. For me, homecoming was a formal affair. Go figure..
Doesn't she look lovely?! And modest too. I had to sew the jacket on though. It's really difficult to find any formal dresses that have sleeves...locally that is.

Ava with eyes all aglow...Thankfully, she's too young this year to tug on the tree and ornaments!

Macie and her cousin R.J. share their December birthdays just 2 days apart. Here they are at the movies on R.J.'s birthday.
In case you haven't seen this before, here is the Christmas card photo that I sent out via e-mail this year. It was hard to get them all to cooperate, so they look a bit grubby. Let's just say they wanted to be, "comfortable". :)
Of course eating the school gift shoppe present from Molly is better than opening it.
My Dad at our family get-together on Christmas Eve.
Again...at our family get-together at my sister Sheri's house. Brycen and Molly along with 2 of my niece Kara's kiddos, Kyler and Aleah. I love the look on Kyler's face. He was so funny that day.....he was more excited this year than any to open gifts but he would look soooo sad when I would pass out a present that was for someone else. I guess he thought that every one I picked up from under the tree was supposed to be for him! Heck, who doesn't want the same thing?!
My Dad and sister Sheri in the backround
And last but not least...I had fun scrappin' this one with my dh and my bro-in-law Mark. Of course this was taken right after we ate our big meal. Actually, dh slept right through most of the gift unwrapping. I'll give him a break though...he worked several nights in a row before this. Anyway, I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Christmas spent with family and with thoughts of the birth of our Savior.It's my prayer that we will keep him in our thoughts every day and give thanks for the wonderful example he has brought to us. Love to all!
P.S....don't you just love the snow outside through the window in that pic? By the way...the blue Blazer is for sale...my nephew Michael says make an offer...haha

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Megan said...

You have such a beautiful family, Leanne. It is so neat to see all of these pictures! That last one made me laugh so hard! I love it!!!

Nikki said...

I still can't get over how Sherri seems to not have aged at all since I've known her!

Leanne said...

I'll tell her that Nikki. I'm sure it will make her day! haha
I'd love for someone to say that about me when I'm in my...oh I won't tell Sheri's age. But she's about 15 years older than I am..hee hee

Rachel said...

Cute pictures, Leanne! Tell Brycen I said "hi." I miss him!