Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Try it Tuesday....McCain Sweet Potato crinkle cut fries

Yum! Sweet Potato crinkle cut fries from the premium line of McCain Foods, USA. You know, the company that makes those annoying smiley potato thingies that my kids hate.

I've never been a big fan of sweet potato. I avoid the sugary marshmallow ones at Thanksgiving. Ew. So I wasn't especially counting on these babies to be good. But I thought I'd try them because recently I had some "sweet potato medallions" at a restaurant and loved them. They were deep fried of course, but really tasty for sweet potato. When I saw that McCain had some sp fries at Wal-mart, I thought I'd try them. After all, sweet potatoes are full of fiber right? So I thought they would be filling if I could get myself to like them. Wal-mart had a one pound frozen package of these for only $1.98. Cheap! I have to admit, they stayed in my freezer for about a month before I actually tried them yesterday. I was scared. No, not really. It's just that I fully expected to NOT like them. The kids weren't especially thrilled when I baked them either. So after Mr. B licked one, he said they were, "icky". So much for trying them. If I only went around just licking foods, I'd starve. Can you get much flavor from a lick? Other than a Tootsie Pop I mean..and ice cream...and frosting...and sugar...ok, ok licking is goooood.

Anyway, the sweet potato crinkles were very yummy in my opinion. Of course I always have to have my fries a bit crunchier than other people. No soft fries here. Slightly over baked is the way to go for me. I tried them without dipping in anything and they were good. I dipped them in BBQ sauce and they were even better. I also tried dipping them in honey mustard and loved it. As far as WW points goes..the serving is 3 oz for only 2 points! Yessss. And 3 oz is good sized in my opinion. I bet these would taste great with a bit of melted cheese. Mmm.

Best of all, these babies are trans fat free and full of vitamins. They only have 2 grams of fiber (I thought there would be more), but it's still a good source of fiber anyway. Here are the nutritionals:

%Daily Value*
Serving size: 3 oz (85 g)
Serving per container: 80
Total fat 3 g 5 %
Saturated Fat 0.5 g 3 %
Transfat g %
Cholesterol 0 mg 0 %
Sodium 180 mg 8 %
Total Carbohydrate 22 g 7 %
Dietary fiber 2 g 8 %
Sugars 9 g
Protein 0 g 0 %
Calories 120
Calories from fat 30
Potassium 240 mg 7 %

Vitamin A 100 % Vitamin C 16 %
Calcium 2 % Iron 2 %

Now head on out to Wal-mart and get yourself a bag! Oh! And there are some yummy looking recipes for dipping on this McCain pdf file: Harvest Recipe Book
Personally, I think the Bourbon Butter Sauce sounds heavenly, but I bet it's fattening. Sometimes we just have to splurge right?!

Seen in the Sunday Wal-mart Ad: Nabisco 100-calorie packs of Oreo and Chips Ahoy Candy Bites.
Not the regular cookie thins that they offer...these are round candy bites. Sounds interesting and possibly worth trying???

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Nikki said...

I tried to trick the kids with those once, they didn't buy it- and I didn't really like them either- but I don't like sweet potatoes. The cookie ball snacks are pretty good, we just tried them yesterday.