Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Try it Tuesday.....Keebler Town house Flip Sides

Just a quick Try it Tuesday here. These Keebler Town house Flip Sides are not what I hoped they would be. If you like Pretzels, you will like these since I only taste the pretzel. Is there cracker with it? Coulda fooled me. But then again, the website says this:

New Town House Flipsides combine the versatility of a cracker
with the taste of a pretzel.
So I guess they are expected to taste only like pretzel. I suppose they might be good/useful if you want to spread cheese on them for an appetizer or something. But, I can get a bag of pretzels for a buck, so I won't buy these again. I didn't taste the cheese flavored one though. Perhaps those are better. Anyone have a review on that one? Let me know.

Just in case you're interested, here is the nutritionals for the Flip Sides (non-cheese):

Since it's almost Easter.....

Does anyone have a favorite Easter candy that they look forward to?

Mine is:

My sisters is:
Yes, my sister is on a sugar high during Easter! She's super skinny, so she can eat all the Peeps she wants as long as she brushes her teeth right?

So what is your favorite Easter candy?

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten that comes first. I have a wee bit 'o Irish in me so I could never forget. I just wish I could find that pot of gold. It would really come in handy about now :)

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gem said...

Funny you'd post this today - I was just looking up "Keebler FlipSides" so I could find where to lodge a complaint 'bout'em ...

Anyway, my son loves the cheddar flavored ones, and we've gone through about 3 boxes since I first saw them several weeks ago - they are always more pieces than whole crackers, but this last box we just opened was ridiculous! Barely 5 whole crackers in the entire box (picture at: gemographics.com/images/misc/flips1_feb2008.jpg)

They need to pack them in sleeves like the regular Town House & Ritz's ... which is what I am off to tell them right now ...

and don't get me started on Easter candy ::droool::

~ gem ~

Leanne said...

Wow gem! You're right....so many broken! After I saw your post, I checked our box and sure enough, most were broken in half or pieces. The top few in the box were fine, but the deeper I went, the more broken they got. Grr.

You are SO right about them needing sleeves like regular Town House crackers have. Maybe I'll complain too because it looks like I will now be buying them more often. I realized that my 9 month old LOVES them! They are melting in her mouth, so they are perfect for her. We will try the cheddar next time.
Thanks for the comment :)