Monday, April 14, 2008

Try it Tuesday.....A&W Float

While in my local gas station this past week, I saw the A&W Float. Since I love a rootbeer float, I thought I'd try it. The kids were with me and they wanted to try the Sunkist Float, so we picked that one up too (2 for $3.00). Normally I would shy away from the Sunkist brand since the regular Sunkist soda has caffeine in it. But I looked all over the bottle and couldn't find that the Float had caffeine. Strange that the soda would, but the float wouldn't. Hmmm. A mystery never to be solved I guess. :)

Ok, here is my opinion:
The A&W Float was too sweet. It didn't really remind me of a good old fashioned rootbeer float. It just seemed like flat rootbeer mixed with cream. It also had a strange taste to it in my opinion. Not what I expected nor hoped for.

Now the Sunkist Float was another story altogether! YUM! It was like a creamsicle. Delicious...mmm. Then again, I'm a big fan of orange flavor, so that might have been the clincher. But it was just creamy enough to make it have a big yum factor for me. I say it was worth trying.

As far as calories for each flavor goes....ouch. Both are high in calorie.
The website claims that the A&W Float has 230 calories and 54 grams of sugar, but the actual bottle says it's 260 calories and a whopping 63 grams of sugar! Either the website was wrong or they are using a different sized bottle to figure the nutrition facts. Doesn't matter though...each of these drinks are 5 WW points and WAY too much sugar. Luckily, the kids and I shared them (I peeled them off the walls later), so I only tested these drinks instead of drinking both bottles.

The Sunkist Float had the exact same calorie content and sugar content as the A&W. Funny that I didn't think it was as sweet as the A&W. Oh, and with so many calories and sugars, you would think it was high in fat too...nope. Only a 1.5 grams. But I certainly wouldn't call it a "lowfat" drink! Lol. With all those calories, you'll still gain tons of weight if you drink one of these suckers frequently. But it would still make a nice little splurge if I want a creamy orange drink. Mmm. I don't know about you all, but when our family takes a trip in the car somewhere, we consider it a junk food fest. The Sunkist Float would be a perfect junk fest drink wouldn't it?!

As disappointing as the rootbeer float was, I guess I'll stick to making my own with a diet A&W and
Breyers fat free double churned vanilla ice cream. If I only use 1/2 cup of the ice cream, it's a 90 calorie 1 pt drink. YUM!

PS....one of my kids picked out A&W flavored ice cream (also made by Breyer's) while we were in the ice cream aisle of my local Meijer store. I'll fill you in on how that tastes later. Personally, A&W is my favorite brand of rootbeer. I remember when the A&W restaurant would sell jugs of it (looked like a milk jug). My Dad would get us a jug or 2 while we were visiting family in the Soo (Michigan).
A&W is also the only soda that I actually like when it's FLAT. I'm a weirdo...I know.

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