Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Try it Tuesday.....Wildly Cherry M&M's

I saw these Wildly Cherry M&M's in my local gas station (same spot that I saw the Razzberry M&M's awhile back). I had to try them of course. I've been nibbling on a couple here and there out of the small bag for over a week. I still can't tell if they are milk chocolate or dark! I'm thinking it's dark, but the package doesn't say. I suppose if I ate more than 1 or 2 at a time, I'd be able to tell huh? But I'm stingy with my calories each day now that I'm trying to lose weight (again!) after having a baby. According to the website, they came out in February, but I'm just seeing them for the first time. Like the Razzberry, they are a limited addition.

Anyway, my review is this:
If you like cordial cherries, then you will probably like these Wildly Cherry M&M's. They are similar to real cherries and not the fake cherry flavored candies that you might expect. I really really like Cella chocolate covered cherries, so I like these M&M's. I don't "love" them though. I'm guessing they must be a slight dark chocolate although the package never says. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my opinion that they are dark chocolate.

A small 1.5 ounce bag is 5 WW points just like regular milk chocolate M&M's. I'm happy to report that they do have 2 grams of fiber :)

Try a bag for yourself and then tell me if you think they are dark or milk chocolate okay? Try them if only because you think the little M&M guy hanging off the cherry stem is cute cute cute on the package!

PS...speaking of M&M's...I'm going to order some of the personalized ones soon. I'll take a picture and share it later. I won't say more than that, because they are for a gift :)

PPS...speaking of gifts...I owe my MIL a gift since her birthday was last Saturday. But she was sick and so were we. I'll catch up to you later Mom! Happy Late birthday! My Dad shares the same birth date, but he isn't a computer person, so he won't see my birthday message, but still...Happy Birthday Dad!

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Megan said...

I can seeeee! It's a miracle! Your blog is back! I am so glad I can view it now. I've got some reading to do... :)

Nikki said...

Cute blog design- and I love your new picture. The M&M's sound yummy- but I stay away from 5 pt snacks! :) (And once it's opened it won't last a whole week for me.)
I wonder if it's dark if it actually has fiber?

Leanne said...

Holly took that picture of me while we were on a GNO!

And yeah, I agree that 5pts is a lot for candy. But sometimes M&M's are worth it! Not the cherry kind, but I'd spend the points on the plain when I have some extra.

Megan: Glad you can see it now. I'm sure it was because I stink at trying to design my own! haha. I'll try not to mess it up in the future, but that header is sooo boring, that I might have to change it ;)