Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Try it Tuesday.....O Water

I found it! For awhile, I didn't think I would be able to find O Water in my city, but there it was on the shelf at Meijer. I only knew to look there because Holly found it first. She bought some too, but I haven't heard yet as to what she thinks of it (you better comment Holly!)

Each bottle was about $1.39 for 20 oz. I decided to try the Twist of Lemon & Lime and also the Twist of Wild Berries. Other flavors include:

-Twist of Strawberry
-Twist of Mandarin Orange
-Twist of Peach

Now if you go and try this water expecting it to be full of sweet flavor, forget it. It's only got a hint of the flavors. Actually, I find it to be quite refreshing. As far as flavored waters go, for me, it's usually a hit or miss kind of thing. I can't stand most of the Aquafina flavored waters or the Dansai. On the other hand, I love most of the Nestle Pure Life and Fruit 2 O's. Give me any kind of lemon flavored water and I usually like it. The O Water was no exception. It was good, but like I said, only a hint of lemon and lime were present. On the website, it says, "We don't disguise water, we celebrate it", meaning you won't find it to be a sickeningly sweet water.
O Water has electrolytes in it with no sugar or artificial anything. They also make an Infused water with antioxidants.

If you cannot find it in your local stores, you will find that Amazon sells it.

If you prefer to have a hint of lemon or lime in your plain old tap water, try adding True Lemon. It's crystallized lemon in a small packet to add to water. I looooove it. They also make True Lime and True Orange. I haven't tried the orange yet. True Lemon has
all natural ingredients and supplies 25% of an adults daily requirement of vitamin C.

I had recently read an article online about how restaurants frequently allow bacteria on the fresh lemon wedges that we love so much in our water. Ew. I think carrying a packet of True Lemon would be better than risking bacteria in our drinks don't you? Check out the website to learn ways of cooking with True Lemon too. Plus, the website also has free samples to try. Gotta love a freebie! Oh, and get this...if you try a sample, they will also send a sample to soldiers in Iraq. Double bonus!

Ok, enough of the healthy sounding stuff....next week I plan to try the new Hershey Bliss chocolate. Mmmmmm.

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Holly said...

Ok y'all. I took one swig and told Nathan he could have it. This is exactly the kind of water he likes. Plain old water with a tiny taste of fruit. Funny because I LOVE water with only lemon, but I tried the peach and I just think that peach should taste sweet. It is on sale this week at Meijer, and I might try the lemon, but I wasn't a fan of the peach. So there it is. BOOM!

I was at the store the other day, saw something and said, "Leanne should do a Try it Tuesday on that. Now I can't remember what it was... I will tell you when I do.