Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Try it Tuesday.....Sorbee Crystal Light Candy

Sorry this is a bit late...but it's still Tuesday, so I guess I'm good.

While in Wal-mart, I saw Crystal Light Lemonade Flavored Hard Candy. I thought the lemonade and pink lemonade sounded refreshing enough to make me want to try the candy. Knowing the candy was only a buck made it even better. Plus, it's sugar free which always appeals to me.

These smooth round candies are yummy. They don't seem to have any aftertaste at all. They are sweetened with Splenda. They also contain Isomalt. Not sure what that is, but I'm not dead yet, so it can't be too bad right?!

I really like lemon drops, but Crystal Light Lemon Flavored Hard Candies are better because they aren't rough on the outside. I much prefer the smooth texture of Crystal Light candies. They are only 25 calories for 4 of them. 2 of them satisfied me well enough. I think I'll keep a few in my purse and the diaper bag. Crystal Light lemonade candies contain plain lemonade candies (yellow colored) and pink lemonade candies. I couldn't really tell any difference in taste. Heck, has anyone ever noticed a difference while drinking plain or pink lemonade?

So what else can I try for Try it Tuesday huh? I'm running out of ideas. I mostly like to try food or drinks, so if you have anything that you think I should try, drop me a comment. Thanks!

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Holly said...

Nathan wants "someone" to try the Stacked and Stuffed Hotcakes from Bob Evans, but since I can't eat pancakes, I can't eat them. Since they are stuffed with vanilla cream cheese,more delicious toppings, and finishd with whipped topping and sprinkling of powdered sugar, you probably can't eat them anyway... BUT if there is anyone that can- maybe you could have a guest reviewer!

I am really interested in the Crystal Light candy. I am not much of a candy girl, but sometimes I like a little something to "sweeten my pallet". Thanks for another good review. Oh- and I got O water today. It says no sugar and no sweeteners- hummm.. I will let you know. It is chilling right now... :)

Leanne said...

Nope...you won't catch me eating stuffed pancakes! But they dooooo sound delicious. Why can't Nathan just try them himself? A guest reviewer sounds like a great idea.

I bought the O Water last night too. I think I'll do that one for next week. I bought lemon lime and a berry one.