Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Try it Tuesday.....Jones Soda Candy

I stumbled upon these fizzy candies at my local Meijer store this weekend. I like Jones soda, so I thought I'd try them. I picked up the Fu Fu Berry flavored soda candy for $1.99. I thought that was a bit expensive for such a small tin. Otherwise I would've picked up the Cream Soda flavored candy along with the Fu Fu Berry. Oh well. I was a bit skeptical, since Jones Soda is known for their strange soda flavors (Turkey and Gravy at Thanksgiving, Ham flavored or Christmas Tree flavored at Christmas??!) I like the "normal" flavored sodas, so I took the plunge with the candy.
The Fu Fu Berry was ok. I wouldn't say it was fantastic or yummo, but I'd say it was a bit better than I expected. It was a bit fizzy, but not like those candies called, Zotz, that I ate as a kid. Remember those?! They were hard candy with a liquidy fizzy center. I looooved 'em! You can get a package of 96 at Amazon for about $20.

Jones Soda Candies aren't hard candy...the consistency is more like a sweet tart. They are much smaller than a sweet tart though. Don't get me wrong..they don't taste like a sweet tart...I was just talking about the consistency.

For 10 calories, you can have 4 of the little buggers. Not too bad.

Here are all the flavors that they come in (Although Meijer only had 3 of them)

-Berry Lemonade
-Cream Soda
-Electric Lemonade Sour
-Energy Booster (whatever that means)
-Fu Fu Berry
-Green Apple
-Limes & Orange Sour
-MF Grape
-Orange & Cream (sounds yummy!)
-Spiked Punch

All in all, I guess they were ok and I'd like to try the Cream Soda flavored sometime or the Orange & Cream. Heck, I guess I'd like to try most of them, but like I said before, are kind of expensive for such a small tin. But then again..the tin is really cute and I love the flip top, plus they want a dollar more if you order them directly from Jones Soda. So I guess I'll suck it up and spend the 2 bucks at my local Meijer. So now you try them and let me know what flavors you like :)

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Holly said...

I am excited to try these! I love cream soda too- I am not much of a candy girl, but I just might try this! Thanks!