Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Try it Tuesday...Skittles Chocolate Mix

First of all...thanks to Candy Addict for the photo since the Skittles site doesn't even mention their new chocolate mix that I could see. I guess I could take a picture of my own, but my camera batteries need to be charged :)

I saw these in the Wal-mart check-out and had to try them. My oldest daughter said they weren't worth my 50 cents, but I bought a bag anyway.

They say these are a chocolate mix of Skittles, but with only 2% cocoa in the whole bag, how can they be chocolatey? Oh, I take that back...there is LESS than 2% cocoa! Ouch. They have the same consistency as regular Skittles, but the taste is way off.

There are 5 flavors in the bag:

Brownie Batter
Chocolate Pudding
Chocolate Caramel
Vanilla (Since when does Vanilla taste like Chocolate?!)

I decided to try the Brownie Batter first, but it's nothing like brownie batter of course. It slightly resembles a Tootsie Roll (notice I said, 'slightly'), but again nothing like a brownie. Next, I tried the Chocolate Pudding. It wasn't too bad. I could actually taste a little bit of pudding flavor. Vanilla was just that...vanilla. Chocolate Caramel was nothing special and I didn't taste ANY chocolate at all. Same with the S'mores. There was a tiny bit of marshmallowy flavor. I'd say the S'mores was the worst though, but my daughter said it was the best. Ew. I tried to shake things up by eating a vanilla at the same time as another flavor and then mixing them all up in one bite. No luck in trying to make them better. Don't get me wrong, they weren't horrible, but I doubt I would by them again. You have been warned...save your 50 cents at Wal-mart for the original flavored Skittles. They weren't worth my 5 WW points either. On the bright side, they are dairy free and gluten free. Weeeee.

On another bright side....Mars isn't doing all that bad because I DO like the original flavored Skittles bubble gum! Yum.

And I would also like to try the Carnival flavored Skittles. They have flavors such as Cotton Candy, Candy Apple and Green Slushy. Sounds yummy.

I've also never tried the Ice Cream flavored Skittles, but it has a chocolate one in it, so I doubt I'd like that. If I want small chocolates, I can just eat the real thing...M&M's.

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Holly said...

Ohhh.. but non-dairy does peak my interest!! If you couldn't have chocolate, whould you like them? I should try. And to taste something that even remotley tastes like pudding.... YUMMY! I'm gonna try it. Oh and by the way- I was checking out at Target and saw the TAVA drink. I got one just cause you said it was good! :-) I love tuesdays again! :)

Leanne said...

Well Holly- if I couldn't have chocolate...I'd probably DIE! Haha. I don't know how you do it, but kudos to you for staying away from it. I'd probably eat it anyway and then pay for it later!

I guess if I really couldn't have chocolate, the Skittles would be ok. I bet they would actually taste a bit chocolatey to someone who hasn't had it in a while. I think if you separated them all and ate the pudding ones, you would be happy.

Yay! You found some Tava. It ROCKS doesn't it?! What flavor did you try? I like them all, but black cherry is the best in my opinion. YUM. I wish they came in regular 20 oz soda-sized bottles instead of masquerading as a flavored water. It's diet soda for stinkin' sakes.

Nikki said...

I didn't even know there was such a thing as chocolate skittles. Funny though, a commercial just came on for it while I'm sitting here typing!!
Thanks for the review!