Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cereal City!

I love my husband.....he's a handsome goof that tends to go overboard when there is a good deal. In this case, he saved us tons of money, but now we are stuck eating varieties of Frosted Flakes and Mini Wheats for a year! I'm not complaining. We all love those cereals.

Here's what happened: He went to our local (over-priced) grocery store late one night to get some milk and other things on sale. He came back with several boxes of the cereal because they were only $2 a piece. I noticed with the receipt was one of those coupons. It said that we get $10 off our next shopping order because he bought 7 boxes of the Kelloggs cereals. Cool, I thought. So I mentioned it to him. His eyebrows went up and out the door he went. He took the $10 voucher/coupon thingie and bought more cereal. He ended up going thru the check-out several times in a row using the $10 vouchers each time. The check-out girl must have thought he was nutz. We ended up with 56 boxes of cereal!

So how much did he actually spend on 56 boxes of cereal? Remember they were $2 a piece. Buying 7 boxes at $2 each is $14. Minus the $10 voucher is $4 for 7 boxes. 7 into 56 is 8. So 8x$4= $32. Considering that normally each box was priced at $4 alone when not on sale, we saved a bundle! Good boy hubby.

Oh, and we get some freebies to boot.

With 6 'tokens', I figure I can get about 6 of these cheapo FM radios and give them out to my great nieces and nephews for gifts.

I love a deal and apparently so does my hubby.

Now I just need a bigger pantry to keep all this cereal! *sigh*

Come on over for breakfast!!

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Nikki said...

Year supply of cereal?... check!
That's so funny that he did that- but what a bargain! :)

Holly said...

That is HILLARIOUS!!! Nathan once went and bought cereal in a army commissary for a "good deal". I think we ended up throwing some of it away, giving some away, and we have never eaten that cereal since then... Of course it was just Nathan & I, and it was one or two kinds of cereal, but this reminded me of that... :) GOod times. You will go through it faster than you think... ANd if you look online you can probably make some "food" or cookies out of some of it! Here's to being creative!! Funny Rick!