Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Try it Tuesday.....Oreo Cookies and Creme JELL-O instant pudding

Oreo Cookies and Creme JELL-O instant pudding and pie filling isn't new to some of you, but it is to me :) I don't usually make instant pudding. We are for sure a pre-made pudding kind of family. We were in our local over-priced grocery store on Saturday (if you live near me, you know exactly which store I am talking about) and spied this pudding mix. The kids just had to try it. I also bought the chocolate mint chip instant mix, but have yet to try it.

The Oreo pudding mix is made like any other of the Jell-o mixes with 2 cups of milk. I used 2% because it's Mr. B's favorite. He isn't a skim kind of kid. The powdered mix had chunks of real Oreo cookies (not many, but enough). They turned to mush as the pudding set up though. But it was still tasty. If you don't like the mush, you can always break up some Oreo cookies and sprinkle on top. We didn't though and it was just fine. I didn't eat much because I'd rather spend WW points a different way, but the pudding was really good. Jell-o also makes the Oreo no-bake dessert plus pre-made Oreo pudding.

Each 1/2 cup of instant pudding prepared with 2% milk has 180 calories, 1 gram of fat,0 fiber and 28 carbs. That's 3.68 WW points (4). Ouch. I'm sure making it with skim would be a bit nicer. Maybe.

Did you know that Jell-o make a FLAN flavored pudding?! Hmmm. I'd like to try that sometime!

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