Thursday, May 1, 2008

That's What Friend's Are For Right?

I have to give my friend Leslie a big shout-out. She sweetly went out and bought me the new Hungry Girl book that I really wanted.
It had only been on the shelves for a day! Leslie knows that I have been trying to lose the baby weight that I've gained when I was pregnant with Ava. I have a looooong road ahead of me and she has been my cheerleader forever it seems! We both meet 3x week to "walk away the pounds". I did a post about that awhile back. It's fun and I feel so good after.

Anyway, for those who don't know what Hungry Girl is....
Hungry girl isn't a dietitian or nutritionist or anything like that. She say she is just hungry. Plain and simple. She's an average woman just like me who has decided to try and eat better. Most women I know struggle with food issues at one time or another. I'm sooo glad that I signed up for Hungry Girl's newsletter! In each daily issue, I enjoy the recipes, tips and tricks for losing weight that she has to offer. She checks out tons of food products and then let's us know which ones are yummo and yucko. She has so much information that she needed to put it in a book for us all to enjoy. Personally, I'm pleased with that fact, because I print so many of the newsletters out that I now have a thick stack! The most important part of the Hungry Girl newsletter for me is the Weight Watcher points that she adds. It makes it easy for me. The disappointing thing about the new book is that the points values are missing! I have to look them up myself. But I guess that's ok. I haven't seen one recipe that wasn't WW friendly anyway. So as I make the recipes, I'll just jot down the points.

If you are interested in losing a few pounds or just want to eat foods that taste good yet aren't loaded in calories and fat, check out the Hungry Girl website which has all the past newsletters archived. Personally, my favorite is the Girls Bite Out which reminds me that some places are scarrrrry with their calorie soaked fattening foods. But there are also some places that serve delish food that won't hinder my weight loss.

I also like "Chew the right thing" in the newsletters that shows a side by side swap. Fattening foods vs. low fat/low calorie. One of the latest was a chocolate cupcake swap. The low fat version was made with chocolate cake mix, diet hot cocoa mix, Splenda and Egg Beaters. It sounds different than most low fat recipes I've seen. You can check out the swap here.

Again, thanks to my super sweet friend Leslie for giving me the fabulous book! Leslie is fun and has great ideas...I wish she would start blogging ~hint, hint~ :)

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Nikki said...

What a fabulous friend to have!! And thanks for the tip--- I've got to check this out!