Friday, May 2, 2008

~19 years~

As of today, I've been married to my favorite person for ~19~ years!

I can list a zillion reasons why I love him, but I'll try and come up with 19 meaningful reasons just for this post (not in any particular order):

1. He's so darn handsome (my children are gagging with that one)

2. He loves me no matter what I look like (you haven't seen me sick as a dog with unwashed hair for days, but HE has!)

3. He has a goofy side that makes me laugh.

4. He bore his testimony recently and made me cry.

5. We both like to watch the Fury hockey games, but that's the only sport that we like.

6. He makes fabulous chocolate shakes!

7. He gives the best massages..especially foot massages.

8. He does silly things like buying 56 boxes of cereal because it was a good deal.

9. I love his drive to achieve goals...he has an invention that he gave up his job for and is really close to marketing it. I support his dream 100%.

10. He is always telling me he loves me, kissing me, telling me my freckles are beautiful and so are my saggy baggies! (fyi...I consider my saggy baggies to be all the stuff that used to be flatter or was north of where it is now!)

11. He cracks my back for me every day! Heaven knows I need it. If it doesn't get cracked, it hurts badly.

12. It's a comforting feeling when I see him play with Ava, which is often! Comforting even when he teases that he is going to wake her up just to play! Grr.

13. He surprised the kids by playing Monopoly with them even though he had a busy schedule.

14. He loved me enough to be sealed in the Temple.

15. He works his buns off to make sure we have the necessities in life.

16. We have learned how to better communicate and get along pretty darn well most of the time (I'm quickly knocking on wood!)

17. He can fix just about anything. He says he is a jack of all trades, but master to none. I disagree. He excels at everything he does. He could master anything if he wanted to. I'm being truthful!

18. This is a big one....He carried our son in his arms all the way back to the funeral home from the hospital in GR. He dressed him and placed him in his casket. When it came time, he placed his casket in the ground. He did this because he felt it was the only thing he could do as a Father for him besides love him in his short time on earth. He held me up when I thought I would fall. All with the strength he never knew he had.

19. I love him because he was made just for me. He has his faults, but so do I and I don't regret any minute of the 19 years we've been married :)

9 Whaddaya have to say about this post?:

Nikki said...

What a nice post! Congratulations! Hope it's a very happy day!

Caity said...

That was so sweet. I admit, it got me a little teary even. I think it is so awesome you've been married for 19 years! Congratulations! Now, go make-out with your husband :)

Holly said...

Awww Sweet!!! I hope you guys DID get out and enjoy eachothers company sometime this weekend. Happy Anniversary! :) Wow... think of it, you could actually have had an 18 year old child AND a 10 month old.... :)

Leanne said...

You're sooo funny Caity! Nah..we didn't get to make-out that night
:( We went out to eat but then decided to go see a friend in the hospital. We'll make up (out!) for it later. haha.

Yes, Holly...that is a really scary thought! Ooo. Having a 15 yr old with the 11 month old is scary enough thank you very much! lol

Megan said...

Wow- 19 years! I remember you guys in the earlier days and you were just as adorable together. Congratulations! You two make me smile. :)

Team Laws said...

Congrats. Nice layout!

I am doing a project in response to Pres HB Eyring's talk in Oct 07 General Conf. I invite you to participate!


PD Laws
Pensacola, FL

Andrea said...

Wow, 19 years. I too remember you in the early days before all the kids were born. I would like to give you one to add for the 20th. Rick was so kind as to find a starving group of 4th years on a hike in the wilderness and bring us the best punch and watermelon I have ever had. Thanks Rick.

Leanne said...

Andrea, you are blogging! Yay! Welcome to the blogging world!

Thanks for the comment! I do remember that hike! I agree that Rick brought some good food for us! But I also remember feeling like a failure that I couldn't get us un-lost from the hike! Eek! Some leader I was huh?!

Anonymous said...

That was a romantic thing to write. I really like how I can hear your honesty when you write. I admire you for that. Love, Your Sis