Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Try it Tuesday......Pringles Extreme Screamin' Dill Pickle

I know. Another chip. I guess it's because my family are a bunch of greasy chip eaters. I don't eat too many myself, but there always seems to be a bag in the pantry. This time not only do we have bags, but we have plenty of cans. We are huge fans of the Pringles Honey Mustard flavor. This includes me as probably the biggest fan. You can only buy them at Wal-mart from what I've been told. They are the best Pringle out there! Try the honey mustard people!

Ok,enough about the honey mustard. On to the Screamin' Dill Pickle review. I ate about 3 of these, but the can itself was gone in about 1/2 hour. My kids and hubby LOVE the dill flavor. My husband couldn't get over how much the chip actually tastes like a dill pickle. He thought it was yummy. Now I'm not a big fan of dill pickles myself. Or any pickle for that matter. But after tasting these chips, I can see how most people would think they were eating a pickle. It really does taste like one. Guess they actually meant it when they called it an, "Extreme" flavor.

Pringles also has other Extreme flavors that I have yet to try:

Extreme Blazin' Buffalo Wing
Extreme Kickin' Cheddar

I'm curious about the cheddar but have no interest in the buffalo. I don't like buffalo wings to begin with, so it's not something I'd try.

Did you know??

Did you know that Pringles makes flavors especially to sell in certain countries? If you live in South America, you can get Paprika or Filet Mignon flavors! Here are some more:

Japan- Funky Soy Sauce, Grilled Cheese, French Consomme'
Canada- Ketchup flavored
Europe- Thai Sweet Chilli & Lemongrass Flavor, Prawn Cocktail and Rice Infusions with a range of flavors. Hmmm...interesting. I'd like to try Pringles made from rice.
Australia & New Zealand- Light aromas Greek Style Cheese with a touch of Avocado Oil, Light aromas Spicy Thai with a touch of Coconut Oil

Cool huh?

Oh...I also tried Jet-Puffed ChocoMallows this week (Wal-mart had those too). Remember those? I remember eating them as a child once in a while. I didn't know they still made them. Or perhaps they brought them back. Either way, it was fun to see them again and get to eat them. I bet they would taste great in a Smore. Mmm. Eating 2 of them is 1 WW pt., so I go easy on them.

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Leanne said...

I tried the Kickin' Cheddar today. Only one though because the kick is jalepeno. I didn't really like it.

Megan said...

It could just be because I'm pregnant, but those extreme Pringles all just seem a little TOO extreme. I don't think I want my chip to taste like a pickle... and I like pickles. I don't know. But chocolate marshmallows? Now there's one I could go for. Thanks for the craving, Leanne! :)

Nikki said...

Why not just eat the real pickles and not have any of the fat? I'm craving regular Pringles now though! :)

Marshmallows look good too!

Leanne said...

I'm with you Nikki. Just eat a stinkin' pickle if you want pickle flavoring.

And I did make the smore with the choc marshmallow. I used chocolate graham crackers too! I used a snack sized Hershey and made the whole thing in the microwave. It was DELISH!