Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ava turned ~ONE~

I wasn't going to post about Ava's birthday until I digiscrapped some photos, but if I wait for that to happen, you'll never see a birthday post. My scrapbook software is super duper slowwww. I need something nicer, but the funds won't allow right now. So anyway, here are some random photos from the party we had for Ava. We invited several family members and we ate some grilled hamburgers and hot dogs etc. My camera has a mysterious error message on it (note to self: don't lend out the camera to any of hubby's friends again!), so most of the pictures were taken by Jillian with her Canon. Jillian loves to snap photos of everything. My low disc space is a testament to that.

The cake I made for Ava looks eerily similar to one that I had made in March for Jillian! My girls really liked the polka dot cake, so I made one for Ava.

I made a separate cake for Ava to eat all by herself. I have done that for each of my kids. Of course I made a yellow one with white frosting. No chocolate here. I'm not stooopid. The one I had for Brycen when he turned one was sooo messy. It had blue frosting which he got up his nose. I had to make holes in each nostril so he could breathe. Too funny. Ava is a much "cleaner" cake eater.

Here is the birthday princess waiting for her cake.

I don't usually do video and this one isn't really much to look at, but it's still cute that at first Ava wasn't sure what to do. She sure didn't want or need the spoon that Molly was trying to give her!

After she caught on, she did a pretty good job demolishing the cake!

Getting tired of the excitement.

And now she was done with it all. Done. Done. Done.

Later, she opened her presents and the excitement was back on!

I'd say her favorite present was the Monkey book given by Uncle Lee and Aunt Linda. Her 2nd favorite was simple plastic barnyard animals from her cousin Christi and family.

Men don't really get into baby birthday parties, so they play Guitar Hero instead. Haha. Here is my nephew Michael, who was visiting from Mississippi, playing for the first time. He rocked the house.

Here is my great-niece Alayna wearing Ava's princess crown. She is so shy most the time, but quite the princess herself :)

And last, but not least, we used some birthday money to finally buy Ava a big girl car seat. She grew so fast that I had to get one asap. We both love it. Ava can see me in the mirror now and also see what's ahead. I like it because it can recline, has an EZ off cover for washing, and has a no-thread tightening harness. All I have to do is roll the knob to tighten and also loosen when needed. I love convenience. Not to mention the fact that I've heard is a nice safe seat.

All in all, Ava had a great birthday that we all enjoyed. I'm a bit misty about it though since they only turn 1 once and this is the last of my babies to enjoy that moment. I'm not too sad though. At least I get to look forward to the fun and exciting things that all 5 of them will be doing in the future such as graduating and getting married. There will be plenty of memories to be made right?

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Andrea said...

What a doll. I need to have more kids so I can have more first birthdays.

Beth Soelberg said...

I love the cakes, but I REALLY love Ava. She's such a sweet girl! Very nice pictures.

Don't worry too much...you'll have grandbabies with 1st birthdays WAY sooner than you expected!

Megan said...

Oh, she just MELTS me every time I see her. What a fun birthday party!

Gretta said...

Looks like a fun party. I can't believe your baby is 1. We need to get together again it has been too long. Brenton wants to go fishing in Michigan. Jon keeps telling him how great the fishing is there. Maybe someday in the summer of course.

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday to Ava! WHat a sweetie. Cute cakes Leanne! Musy have been yummy too- to see how she devoured hers.
BTW- I like the signature -that's fun. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you included the video. I could hear all the family voices in the background and it brought back memories. Ava looks cute. The cakes are cute. v