Thursday, June 26, 2008

Finding A Peaceful Happy Place

Warning: This post is really just a post for myself. It's a reminder of how I need to look for the good in my life. I've had some changes, misunderstandings, bad news, stresses, and more, happening to me lately. I need to be uplifted and I think the only way I can do that, is to make a choice to be happy. So, on that note, I've decided to dry up the tears and make a list of things that make my smile, make me happy, or that I find peaceful in my life. If you want to tag along and read some, go right ahead. You might even find that some of the things I've listed, are the very same things that make you feel happy or peaceful. If you don't feel like reading any further, then I'm ok with that since, like I said, this post is really for my own healing.

Not in any order, here are some things that I find peace in:
~Knowing that my Heavenly Father loves me just the way that I am.
~Knowing I have found the true gospel and am trying to follow the straight and narrow (can always improve and should always improve)
~Knowing I'm accepted in my large family. Knowing we all get along and there really isn't any animosity amongst my siblings and I.
~Thanks to Jillian, my Mom knew exactly how I felt about her before she died. I was able to tell her all that I needed her to know. Even with Alzheimer's, I think she understood all that I was telling her.
~I was able to bring several spirits into this world. One (two actually) left early, but now I'm at peace knowing he was perfect and didn't need to be here as long as I do.
~I'll see and raise my 2 children that I lost.

Boy, this list could go on and on. I think I'll list some things that I find peaceful in my every day life instead, because I'm getting a bit misty.

~I love to watch a beautiful sunset.
~For some reason I feel the most peaceful when I'm looking at the sky. Especially when it's filled with stars.
~I feel at peace when I look at the flowers and trees in my yard. I might not be a fan of summer, but it has it's perks!
~Feeling emotional about my YW when I did a "Birthday" party for them all as an activity. They didn't really know I was emotional about it, but I should have let them see it.
~Sitting on the beach and watching waves always brings me peace.
~Sitting at a lake (think Land of Destiny) watching the reflections and listening to nothing by quiet or the few sounds of nature is one of the most peaceful moments I've had.
~I'm at peace when I visit the cemetery.
~I feel peaceful when I'm ready to take a nap with a sleepy child by my side.
~I feel secure when I'm in my husbands arms.
~I feel peaceful when I'm taking a long relaxing bath or sitting in a hot tub :)
~I'm at peace when I bear my testimony.

Things that make me smile,laugh or just plain make me happy! (not in any order)
~My kids laughing with each other.
~Ava laughing when I smell her feet and say, "Poo 'tinky!"
~When I see Jillian reading her little heart out! Sometimes she doesn't even want to stop to eat or go to the bathroom!
~The attention I get from my hubby. He's always kissing me or hugging me.
~Watching a funny movie. The last one I saw was, "Fools Gold" and before that it was, "Death at a Funeral".
~Brycen's funny sayings and funny doings. Too many list. It needs it's own post!
~When my hubby and I have kissing wars. Who can get the most kisses in before bedtime.
~I smile when I pass the trailer park that is on the route I take to get to my own home in the evenings and see this one house where the people are ALWAYS at the table playing cards/games. Don't ask me why it makes me smile. I guess because I can count on them being there every night and it's nice to see families spending time together.
~Seeing the bunnies in my yard scatter when I pull in the driveway at night.
~Saying hello to the little old greeter man at Meijer grocery store. He was an actor who was an original monkey in the Wizard of Oz movie!
~Playing Guitar Hero with my kids!
~Reading the "Twilight" saga lately and actually finding the time to do it!
~Remembering my recent accomplishments such as finishing the Doctrine & Covenants, finally getting some flowers planted, finally organizing some of my home and sticking to my Walk Away The Pounds routine.
~Seeing my friends son peeing at the playground because he had to go. He didn't seem to mind that we were all watching and laughing!
~Being inspired by my friends talk in sacrament.
~ Being inspired by my hubby's last testimony in sacrament.
~Playing badminton with one of the boys at Cub Scout Camp this week.
~Watching my girls at their dance recital.
~I looove it when one of my favorite songs comes on the radio...plus I'm super excited that Jillian made me a mixed CD with tons of my fav songs!
~Being proud of 2 kids that are willing to give up some of their summer to go to reading programs at school.
~Having Tessa, one of my YW be more than happy to soak and scrub my feet & Ava's feet last night!
~My toenails are painted and have cute stickers on them, again from Tessa at YW last night.
~Getting almost caught up on all the laundry!
~Eating a Volcano last week and not feeling too guilty about it! It was yummers.
~Watching the little 4 yr. old girl on America's Got Talent sing, "Somewhere Out There".
~Hearing that Jaleigh named the doggy we gave her, "tighty whitey"!
~Just now seeing Ava on my bed reaching waaay over to my beside table where Daddy's stuff is with her diaper hanging off and her 'lil bum hanging out!

Ok, now that I'm laughing about the bare booty, I'm feeling pretty good, so I'll stop there. I might need to make more of these lists and refer to them whenever I feel a bit down and want to have myself a pity-party. Good therapy.

Leanne Sig.

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Beth Soelberg said...

You can add one more: You have LOTS of friends who love you and who are happier because they have you in their lives (read: me).

This is probably too much for a comment, but: I used to be much less cautious in my relationships with people, but for a few reasons, I hold back more now than I did then. (Hard to believe, right?) I SHOULD let people see my emotions sometimes, like you mentioned with the YW party.

That's a great list, and it helped me start my own. Thanks.

"A man is as happy as he makes up his mind to be." - Abraham Lincoln

Megan said...

It's crazy that you are as much of an example to me now as you were when I was one of your YW. You always make me smile and make me want to be a better person. What an incredible gift!

Leanne said...

Aww. Thanks for the kind words girlies. I appreciate that I have friends like you. And Beth, I love Abe Lincoln quotes! He was one smart man. And yep, I should have let the girls see my emotions and I encourage others to do the same. I guess I feel that if we don't show them, then they will never know our true selves. Be true to YOU is what I should remember.

Holly said...

What a great list! You are so much better than me! I would have blogged about how much people suck and how ripped off I had been lately... Good for you.

Can I just tell you that "tighty-whitey" goes EVERYWHERE with us an is currently wearing an assortment of Build-A-Bear clothes. Funny!

And how random that you know the man @ Meijer is an old monkey actor. I know EXACTLY who you are talking about! :)

Thank you so much for being dedicated to the YW in our ward reguardless of what you get in return. You have honestly been amazing and inspiring. Chin up, and we need to go see a funny movie... Maybe at the DOLLAR THEATER!! (Whew wee- high times!)

Nikki said...

Good therapy for sure Leanne! You're awesome! I need to think about a list like this too! :)
You have made a difference.