Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Trash Ties

I found a cutie pie product! Trash Ties are awesome! What a cool concept! We all know what a trash tie is. Wire and plastic that seals the bag for us. Bread ties work the same. How about putting one or two in your hair?!

Ok, ok. You wouldn't really want to put a plastic trash tie in your hair. But these little cuties work on the same concept, but are made with fabric and bendable (wire?). They come in several colors and 2 lengths. How cool would it be to use it as a headband? To tie up your pony tail? Check out the website for a gallery of gorgeous hair-dos using the Trash Tie.

I can just see some of the YW in my Ward using these in their up-do's. Can't you picture it in your darling daughter's hair? So easy to twist it instead of a elastic band snapping you. Check it out! I'll be putting my order in soon!

I hope the lady who invented them doesn't mind me taking her pictures for my advertising plug. When I see a cute or unique product, I always feel like I have to share it...and these are awesome!

Leanne Sig.

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Beth Soelberg said...

So, I guess we're too old for this sort of thing, huh? :) What a cool product! Where do you find this stuff?

Maybe I should try one. It could draw attention from my gray hairs.

Leanne said...

Nah...you could wear them too! And what gray hair?! I don't see any gray on Beth!

I just stumble upon things as I surf or blurk. When I find something I think is cool, fun or cheap, I like to blab about it. :)

Nikki said...

interesting. I winder how well they'd do in thick hair like mine or Jillie's. It takes a pretty thick ponytail to keep our hair up. Those are really cute. Lots of creative ways to use them! I'm sure the YW crowd would have a ball playing around with these.

Megan said...

Ooh! I am going to look into those. You're the best, Leanna!

Megan said...

Leanna? I swear I can type. :)

Leanne said...

Nikki....maybe you and Jillie could stick with the long ones and use them in a different way like with up-do's?

Megan- the little girl holding the trash sign reminds me of Maddie! Cute, cute, cute.

Caity said...

So, do they really work well then? Looks like something cool to try. Oh wait, my hair is still short. When it is longer, I am going to try those out!