Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Nephew!

I have a new nephew!

Denver William Bertram was born last Wednesday, December 10th. Isn't he just adorable? He is my brother Kim and his wife Amber's 3rd child. Kim also has 3 other fabulous older children including this handsome guy.

Denver was born on my grandmother's birthday. She has been gone since 1991. For some reason, I thought about her all day on Wednesday. I guess she didn't want me to forget that the new baby was going to share her birthday. She would be 102!

Having Denver here is awesome, but it's also a little sad knowing he will be the last niece or nephew on my side to be born. Sure, there will be plenty more great-nieces and nephews, but no more kids from me or any of my 7 siblings. We are all old and so I guess it's time to be finished with our procreation. :)
Leanne Sig.

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Gretta said...

What a cutie. I hope he lives close by so you can hold that little one. I miss holding and cuddling teeny tiny babies. Don't miss the constant feeding/changing/spitting up though.

MEGAN said...

What a little sweetheart! Too, too cute! (...And you're not THAT old, Leanne!)

Beth Soelberg said...

Oh, that is a precious little baby!

I agree with Megan - you're not old! (But I find that having a new baby kind of makes you feel that way. Must be the constant fatigue or something.)

Leanne said...

Ok, so I'm not THAT old, but I'm past baby making as far as I'm concerned. 38 was pushing it when I had Ava. She certainly does wear me out! My brother Kim, who is this baby's daddy, is in his early 50's! He's done now after having 6of his own. He's a great Dad who doesn't look his age. His wife is younger, so it was nice that he was still up for more kids while she was still in child bearing years.