Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Try it Tuesday......Burger King Potato Snacks

Check your nearest vending machine! Or head to Walgreens. You have to try these. I went to Walgreens and stumbled upon these BK potato snacks. They were selling Ketchup & Fries flavor and Flame Broiled flavor potato snacks. The price was 2 for $3.00. Not too bad, but how would they taste? I was cautious to say the least. I always seem to get excited about a product only to be let down after tasting it.

Not this time! We tried the Ketchup & Fries first. I might add that we didn't even get the bag home before ripping it open for a taste test.

The BK snacks are a little thicker than a potato chip. The texture of these potato snacks are like Keebler Tato Skins. Remember those? I believe Meijer here in Michigan still sells them. The BK snacks are shaped like a flat french fry with a bit of red powdery season (ketchup) on them.

As for the taste? They kind of DO taste a bit like a french fry with ketchup! Shocker. It's not like actually eating a french fry, but it's close. My family really liked them. I had to hide the bag.

Next we tried the Flame Broiled potato snack.
We didn't jump up and down for this one. I could tell that they tried to make it taste flame broiled, but it didn't measure up to the ketchup one. It didn't have a meat taste, but the bag never implied that it did. I've never had a flame broiled french fry, so I'm not too sure what BK was trying to do. It almost tastes like a barbecue chip in a way. I doubt we will buy that one again. We will stick with the Ketchup & Fries and call it good. :)

By the way, each bag was 5.5 oz and are trans fat free. Not fat free, but I did hear they might market some 100 calorie versions soon. They also make a small bagged version for vending machines.

Sorry I missed Try it Tuesday last week. Christmas is a very busy time as you all know. I will be more diligent in the future.

Leanne Sig.

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