Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Try it Tuesday.....Smuckers Uncrustables ~A KIDS REVIEW~

This post is a little late because the kids had school today and then we went to Molly's Christmas choir concert. She played a cute mouse in the Nutcracker. She did an awesome job. Dad missed it because he is snow plowing, so we bought a dvd that was made so he could see it at home.

Anyway, I waited for the kids so that they could do this review. Why not? Smuckers Uncrustables are meant for kids anyway right?

Before I let them take over, let me say that we were able to try these Uncrustables for free. Weeee! I am a Bzz Agent, so I try products and services and then give my feedback on them (www.bzzagent.com).

Uncrustables come in these flavors:

-PB & Grape Jelly
-PB & Strawberry Jam
-PB & Honey on Wheat (couldn't find this one in Meijer or Wal-mart)
-Peanut Butter

I also saw at the Uncrustables For School area that they will have a soy one coming out (might already be out somewhere).

Ok...enough of me...now for the kids review!

*Jillian* says:
(age 15)
Hey, since I get up for seminary. I pull the Uncrustable from the freezer, and it's unfrozen by lunch. Which is 12:04pm eek. I tryed the Strawberry and PB one when my mom first found them. [Which is my favorite!] Then I had a PB&Grape one today. I thought they were gonna be soggy but, there not :] The sides of the Uncrustable are harder than I would like though. :[ The bread is soft also :D I think that being a teenager, I'd love to have a PB&Marshmellow Fluff one.

*Brycen* says:
(age 10)
I like hockey and when I eat it, I get strength to play hockey and football. My favorite kind is strawberry. I like how they are frozen and you just take them and put them in my totebag and just go on the bus and wait until lunch time. And then it will be all thawed out and ready to eat. And I always want to take 2, but I take one because my Mom tells me to. I wish they were bigger so if I want to take 2, I would have one big one instead of taking 2. I want them to make one that has bacon in it or a BLT.

*Molly* says:
(age 11)
I like the Uncrustables. I like the grape one. I wish they had a smores one. I like the grape one because it's the same taste as the regular PB and J sandwich I can make at home. I like when I go to school, I can just heat it up. I like it hot. I want to try the grilled cheese one. I wish they had more flavors in a box, so I could just bring one to school and then when I come home, eat a different one.

*Macie* says:
(age 12)
They're good. I like the edges of the thing cuz it's squishy and hard at the same time. It doesn't let the insides out. It's easy to carry around. I like the PB and grape one. There is too much pb though in it. I want them to try and make a cotton candy or bubble gum one. They can also make, if they want, a chocolate one or snickers one so that it's a snack and a sandwich at the same time.

So there you have it. A kids review of Uncrustables. Boy, my kids want some strange concoctions don't they?! But hey, it's their opinion :)

Leanne Sig.

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Andrea said...

Aidan loves them too. I don't know why, but Matt likes them because he can toss them in the diaper bag and not think about it again until it is lunch.

MEGAN said...

That may be the cutest post in blogging history. :)

Caity said...

Oh, that was so funny reading! It made me laugh!