Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Halloween from....some of us.

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Wish I could've had all my family in this one, but 2 are missing. I'll make them be in the Thanksgiving one. Hee hee.

Here are direct links in case you can't see it above: Kids only: http://sendables.jibjab.com/view/SHvQElzE1zshAiE6

Some of us:

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Leanne said...

Looks like this isn't showing up. Someone let me know if they see it or not. If not, you better login to Facebook to see it.

Nancy said...

I got it--it was great. Ava was the best! :) Hey, can you check my blog? I see it didn't update on your page when I posted the other day. Just wondering if something went wrong.....

Giveaway Girl said...

Leanne! Okay, we're getting the puppy from windmerekennels and there is a catch to the price...of course. After two years they want to breed her and sell the puppies. We were totally okay with that though because we would love to have puppies, but not the headache of selling them or breeding. They'll take care of both of those things and we can keep the puppies until they're ready to be sold! They do that so that the parents and puppies can be in a home instead of a kennel. Anyways...the woman has chosen to elite puppies from two of the litters and since I am in first line I get to choose which puppy first, but I don't know if she has someone in line for the second!!! So...call them and ask if there is a puppy in need of a guardian family! Phew...that's a long comment, but it would be cool if my little one had a friend!

Anonymous said...

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