Thursday, October 22, 2009

Whose Got The Virus???


No, not THAT virus. ;)

My computer has several annoying viruses and it's keeping me from blogging. I have to use my daughters slow computer or my hubby's laptop and they don't have all of the functions I need or want.

So for now....no bloggy bloggy for Leanne. Hopefully I can get it fixed soon. McAfee didn't catch the viruses (I think one of my kids clicked on something accidently), so I tried to also download Avast and now my computer is totally locked up. Not sure why. I know Avast is good.

Anyway, see you after it's back to good health!
(and we are sick in my household by the way....wish there was an easy fix for that)

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Nancy said...

Yeah, I've been missing you! I know that you must have something to say!

Gretta said...

Jon's laptop (even though I use it more than him) has been down for a few months now. I don't think it is a virus we just can't get it to the main menu. We don't really have the extra $$ to fix it but I really miss it since Jon mostly works from home during the day and is in the office, and when the kids come home from school they are on the computer doing school work and playing. So I miss just taking the laptop and going someplace quieter than the office with our other computers. I love computers and hate them all at the same time. Miss your blogs. I do go on Jon's facebook and check up on you so I am totally not out of touch. Hope your family is not sick anymore.