Sunday, September 16, 2007

Autumn's Creek plug

I had to post this baby announcement as a proud mama. Perhaps the biggest change to my life this year was the birth of our new little blessing...Ava Victoria. My friend Holly took the 2 pictures of her and I took the one of her feet. (Thanks Holly for your expertise!) I then bought the announcements on Ebay. They were done by Autumn's Creek. There is a link on this blog under "Lanie's links". Even if you don't order, take a look at her work. I wonder what program she uses to make these cards. They look so professional. Of course it helps to have a baby as adorable as Ava to make them stand out right?!

Heads up: I'll be posting many pictures of Ava as well as my other kiddos, so expect to see shining little faces in the posts to come. Proud mama=tons of pics!

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