Saturday, September 22, 2007

Old Saturdays

Sometimes I forget what Saturdays used to be about. Here in the now it usually means finishing up my YW lesson or running kids here and there. Sometimes it means attending a baby shower, wedding or some other party. Sometimes it simply means time spent with family.

Today is Saturday. Today it it means reminiscing about days gone by. After thumbing through some old photos, (note to self: get scrapbooking or atleast get them out of the old crappy albums and on to acid free paper!) I came across the picture above of my friends and I in 1984. Yes, I am old.
My teen years were spent in the 80's. We LIVED for Saturdays back then! The whole week was spent gearing up for whatever "fun" we had planned on the next Saturday. The above picture is of "The Gang" as Pauline Streeter (aka Jaleigh's grandma old ears) used to call us. She called us that (it's even written in her handwriting on the back of the photo), but we called ourselves "The Fab 4". The Fab 4 contained (R-L) Tami, Jon, Leanne & Pat. Pat is son of Dotty C. in the N. Musk Ward. Tami and I met the Muskegon crew and spent all of our time with them. There are so many memories! Some were fun and some were down-right dangerous. What dumb teenagers we were. Most of the time we were perfectly innocent though (really!). We were the best of friends. Tami and Jon dated a bit, but mostly we all had a friendship. The Fab 4 will always hold fun memories for me, but time moves on. My dh was friends with Pat and Jon (still is) and there were many other friends in our "group". We still keep in contact for the most part. Well, I do anyway. I don't think Tami talks to Jon or Pat much, but if we are ever all in the same state, we should have a reunion! There was a Barry Manilow song that summed it all up for the friendship we had (yes, Barry Manilow...don't judge me)...I just wish I could remember the name of the song. It was about friendship and the old days. Maybe someone can look it up and post it. Ok, maybe not. No one I know would even care to look up anything sung by Barry, 'cept ME!

Tami and I had many similarities.....both had brothers named Randy, sisters named Valerie, parents who were older, both the youngest in our large family and the list goes on.I miss spending time with Tami. I guess life gets in the way for both of us. I'll always consider her my best friend.

Here we are in 1986. I think we were both 17. Gotta love the pink nail polish!

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Crissy said...

I think the song you're trying to remember is Where Are They Now from Barry's One Voice album.

Leanne said...

Yes! That's it! Thanks. I loved the One Voice album...I don't care what people think..hee hee

....where are they now? How I miss those companions, who walk the canyons of the night...by my side....

Thanks Crissy!

Crissy said...

You're welcome Leanne. I've been a long time Barry fan myself; 32 years to be exact.

Holly said...

NO WAY!! GREAT post! I LOVE old pictures. Don't you dare be embarassed about Barry! My friend and I rocked out to him when I was a senior in High School and Nikki went to a concert just a few years ago. Weekend in New England, Even Now, I Made it Thru The Rain... SOOO many classics!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are "rad"! :) Leanne this is how I always imagine you when I think of you... back in the good ol 80's... Tami & Leanne w/the Muskegon guys!
- Nikki

Leanne said...

Yep, that was us. We loved our times with the "Muskegon Guys". I still think of myself as the same person as I was then, even though I'm not. I did grow up and mature (for the most part) haha. But don't we always feel younger than we are? Man, when I was a kid, 38 was OLD. I don't feel so old. haha.
Thanks for posting Nikki :)

Missy said...

Hey! That is MY yellow shaker sweater you are wearing in that picture! Since when did i give you permission to wear my clothes? Hee hee Remember those days?

Leanne said...

Uh oh...caught me Michelle!

I probably didn't have permission to wear it that day either!!!!