Monday, September 17, 2007

Fake fries?

Wow. BK is really outdoing themselves this time. Starting next spring they will have low fat kids meals. Think my posted picture is of some appetizing french fries? Not. They are APPLE fries! Yum!I love the new frypod they come in. Sneaky BK and their trickery. But hey, if it will make my kiddos want to eat the apples, then I say you ROCK BK! And no, they aren't actually deep fried apples...geesh...I said "low fat" didn't I? Wonder if they come with low fat caramel like Mcdonalds? Guess we'll have to wait until next spring to find out.

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Beth Soelberg said...

Well...I don't much like BK fries, so I'd rather have the Apple Fries if that's where I'm dining. But at Wendy's, or McDonald's, I'm going for the real thing, man. (Actually, I LOVE the Southwest Salad at McD's. It's just about the only thing I'll order, outside of fries.).

By the way - I love your blog! Who ever knew the internet could be such a big part of our lives? And the pictures of your earlier youth (you're still young, don't forget) are awesome! Do I know Tami? She looks kind of familiar.

Leanne said...

Yes Beth, I think you know Tami. She was my best friend as a teenager and still is. We were together all the time and spent many weekends in Muskegon including goig to church on Sundays. You probably remember her from girls camp too. Oh, and she is Holly's aunt.

By the way, I've never had a McD's southwest salad. Guess I should try it huh? Oh, and I don't like BK's fries either. Yuk.