Friday, September 21, 2007

A long goodbye

Today has special meaning to me. Both my Mother & Grandma (we called her Nannie) had Alzheimer's Disease. Nannie died in 1984. My Mom died in 2002, but it feels like yesterday. Since today is World Alzheimer's Day, I want to raise awareness about this disease. It's too painful to talk about my own experiences with both my Mother and Nannie being taken away from us by this long suffering disease. I will say that it was the longest goodbye. My Mother died a little bit each day because of this illness. For those who say it's not hereditary, I say, "Ohhh yes it is". How often would a mother and a daughter both lose their lives to the same disease if it weren't hereditary? It's about time someone found a cure. Visit the site above and raise your own awareness.

I miss my Mom.

My Mom and Dad the day Jillian was born 14 years ago.

Mom & Jillian at our family reunion in 1994.

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