Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gift Idea Blog

I stumbled across a blog for gift ideas. The whole blog is dedicated to ONLY gift ideas! How cool is that? Need a quick gift for your VT ladies? Kids teachers? Check out the blog! Creative Holiday Gift Ideas

Also, there are links to other sites with gift ideas. I think I might add my own idea. Well, it's not actually my "own". But I saw it years ago and it's perfect for a quick easy gift.

Wrap up a can of Rootbeer (or a bottle of IBC rootbeer) and a can of baked beans. Attach a tag that says, "Have a rootin' tootin' Christmas!". Cute huh? Would be perfect for a guy. My kids have a few guy teachers this year. Hope they have a sense of humor!

Anyway, if you need a gift idea, check out the creative holiday gift ideas blog.

UPDATE: I'm stealing this from Nikki...she has a great blog link with tons of ideas for gifts and decor! Check out Tip Junkie! And thanks for letting me steal the link & post it without asking Nikki....hee hee

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