Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Try it Tuesday

John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze

Another non-food post!
Recently, I tried John Frieda's Luminous Color Glaze brilliant brunette. The only reason that I tried it was because it was discounted big time and I thought I'd do something a little different with my look. :)

The bottle says it's a 'color glosser' and 'shine booster'. I really like my hair color (nice and dark) and using this product just affirmed that fact. It did lighten it with a brown/reddish hue. It's nice, but I'll stick to my natural dark hair color thank you very much.

The product is meant to be used in the shower after using the same brand shampoo and conditioner. Of course I used my own brand that I like. What a rebel I am.
When I first tried the product, I thought I had put too much on. It said to leave it on for about 3 minutes and use it a minimum of 3 times a week. The 3-minute timing wasn't the problem, it must have been the amount that I used. It wasn't too much color-wise, but for the shine part, it was too much. It left my hair limp and unmanageable. The next time I tried it, I used less thinking this would clear it up. Nope. Still limp. So basically I decided to use a very tiny amount and only smear it over parts of my hair that I wanted lighter color on. Instant highlights is what I was going for. It didn't work out too well because I just couldn't get past making my hair lighter! But I bet it would work for someone else.

All in all, I bet the glaze is a great product for those who want their hair lighter, but not for me. Also, I accidentally dropped some of the glaze in the corner of my shower not noticing it. It will stain a fiberglass shower. Be careful. But it's not meant to last forever, so the stain is gone now. The same can be said for your hands when you use the product. But a little soap and scrubbing takes care of that.

I say buy it if you want! I'm not sure how the other shades would work (red and blonde), but the 'brilliant brunette' was ok for me :)

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Holly said...

Interesting.... Do you use it to colot ALL your hair, or just sections like hi-lights? I must say that I miss the food suggestions. Especially as we approach the eating season, er, the holiday season...

Leanne said...

I think it's meant to use for all over hair color, but it worked for highlights too. It's not an exact science though....it would be too hard to get streaks to look like normal highlights. I guess a perfectionist could do it that way, but I didn't take the time to be exact. haha. Bet you never even noticed that I did it!

I'll go back to Try it FOOD Tuesday next week! :)~

Megan said...

That is so good to know. I LOVE Try It Tuesday! :)