Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Try it Tuesday


I dunno. I'm not really feelin' it OxiClean. Why aren't you impressing me? I've been looking at other blogs and reviews and most people seem to like the product. I must be one of the few who isn't especially hipped up about it.

I really wanted it to work since my son has the blackest socks. My dh's under-g's also need a little sumthin' sumthin' to brighten them up. Trying the OxiClean doesn't seem like it's cutting it. I soaked the whites for hours with not much in the results department. Well, the water turned dark so it must have done something. But the socks and under-g's are still dingy. I don't like to use bleach since it breaks down the fabrics, so I liked that there was no chlorine in OxiClean. I've also used it in regular laundry loads, but can't really tell the difference.

If anyone else would like to share their own review of OxiClean, I'd love to read it. I won't count the product out completely yet. I'm always a sucker for 2nd chances. What else do you use it for? Do you use other OxiClean products? Does the creepy guy from the commercials annoy you in your dreams as you sleep? Hee hee

By the way, did you notice that this is the first Try it Tuesday that didn't involve FOOD?!!!!

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Megan said...

Oh Leanne. Something is terribly wrong. I LOVE OxiClean! I would marry OxiClean and have little OxiClean babies. Okay, so maybe that's a bit over the top, but you know what I mean. That stuff is AWESOME! It brightens up our clothes, poofs our stains good-bye, and leaves our whites dazzling like a game show host's teeth. Seriously, I don't know why it didn't do it for you. That's so weird. I even love their foamy stain remover spray. One thing I don't love? The CRAZY commercial man who makes me want to hurl the remote at my TV.

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Leanne said...

Never thought I'd get Portuguese spam in my lifetime!

Leanne said...

Megan.....ok ok ok....You've convinced me to try the OxiClean again. Please, please don't give up your husband for it though! I have a feeling that OxiClean babies would be kind of ugly. :) But then again, they sure would be
"bright" kids though wouldn't they?! hee hee

I haven't used it much in my actual laundry loads, so I'll try again. Maybe I need a different formula. I've been using the plain kind. I hear there are several kinds.

Caity said...

I think it may do a lot better with newer stains. I like it, but I wouldn't marry it :)