Friday, November 2, 2007


Ok....Caity has tagged me. My first tag. Here are 6 things about moi (I bet most of you wouldn't even know these things about me!)

1. I'm totally addicted to Edy's Loaded Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream (it's not really ice cream..it's more of an ice milk). I will head right to the store as soon as we polish off a container. Heck, I hardly even let anyone else eat it. I buy them their own flavors! Yes, I still fit it in my Weight Watchers plan. I usually eat 1/2 c.(3pts) with a heated up Vitatop (1pt) so it's kind of like a brownie or cake sundae. Mmmm.

2. I'm a peeker. No, not that kind of peeker! I just like to casually (hee hee) look into other peoples houses as I drive by them. Not to see what they are doing, but to see what their decor is etc. I totally love the show, "House Hunters" because then I get to peek from the privacy of my own home. Hey..wait a minute. If I'm a peeker, who is peeking in my house?! Thanks to my dh's love of his large t.v. hanging on the wall, everyone that drives by can see what shows we are watching. Take a look sometime...I'm sure you will catch me watching the #3 thing about me.

3. I never, I mean never, miss an episode of Days of Our Lives. I know, I know. Mindless soaps do the brain no good. But I had started watching it about 15 years ago and always keep up on what goes on in that show. Gotta love DVR's & Tivos. And yes, it's the only soap that I watch.

UPDATE 11/8/07: I forgot to mention that in 1999, dh and I were lucky enough to be in LA (my sister lives in San Diego) and take a tour of the NBC studios. Guess which set they let us see? Yep, Days of Our Lives. It was neat to see things that we actually saw in the show. Plus, I was able to see Kate Roberts (don't know her real name) and Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston, Jennifer Aniston's father) rehearsing a scene. They made us hushhhh for it. I also got a couple autographs from some Days actors/actresses (Carrie, Curtis). Plus we went to see The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that night. That part was awesome. The guests were Jennifer Jason Leigh, Hulk Hogan, Gilbert Godfried and singing was 98 degrees when they first came on the music scene. Boy, I'm making this sound like I'm a Days freak. I'm not..really! :)

4. I've started my own High-Low journal. Not an online journal, but a real one. I list the "High" of my day and the "Low" of my day. Then I write down how I can make the "Tomorrow" a better day or fix the "Low" from the day before. It might just mean developing a better attitude about something, fixing a problem, a goal to finish or simply saying something nice to someone. I'm using this as a Personal Progress goal. I'm doing PP along with the Young Women in my Ward, but mostly I'm doing it for me.

5. I have my own Myspace! It's not like this blog though. I really only have it to be able to see my daughters space (she calls it, spying on her...wink). I can't see hers unless she is logged in already or I have my own account. I also opted to get my own to be able to see my nieces, nephews and friends spaces. I didn't realize my friend Bonnie had one. Obviously Myspace has it's bad points. I've seen many teenagers spaces with objectionable things & songs on them. Teenagers that I know. So sad. I'm wondering if it is even worth letting my teenager have one. I'll be thinking about this.

6. Last but not least.....I love ALL different types of music! I'm a huge fan of the band Chicago, but I also love 3 Doors Down. I like hard rock, soft rock, alternative, top 40, 80's, country, religious, classical etc...the list goes on! Here is a short list of artists that I really like (not a whole list though because like I said, I enjoy many types!):

-3 Doors Down
-Martina Mcbride
-The Titanic Soundtrack
-Barry Manilow
-Amy Grant

The only music I do not like is rap. Rap is crap. One more tidbit about me is that when I was about 13, I was in the Def Leppard fan club!!! No, I'm not a big fan now, but I still remember the words to many of their songs!

Ok, so now I'm supposed to tag 6 other people. The problem is that I don't really know 6 other people who blog! Caity already tagged Holly & Beth, so I can't tag them. I'm assuming Megan was tagged, so that leaves Austin and I doubt a teenager would like to be tagged by one of his Mom's friends. So...I guess my tagging ends here. Maybe some of my family & friends who read my blog can get on the ball and start your own blog huh?! You know who you are!

3 Whaddaya have to say about this post?:

Caity said...

That was fun for me Leanne! I feel like we're bff already :) It's fun to get to know you better!

Megan said...

This post should have been called "Six Reasons We LOVE Leanne." :)

Beth Soelberg said...

Love LOVE your music choices! Big amen. I am still a Def Leppard fan (pour some SUGAR on me!), I like Barry Manilow and Amy Grant (Sing your Praise to the Lord!, even her old cheesy Christian pop stuff.

That was fun. I know that I've been tagged but I don't have the time/brainpower yet to post anything interesting. I'll start writing down ideas as they come. :)