Thursday, May 8, 2008

Try it Thursday??

Yeah, I know. You're thinking, "It's not Tuesday so what is she doing posting about something to try?" Well....quite simply because I feel like it! ;)

I'm not posting about food like I usually do though.

This morning I was feeding Ava while watching t.v. in my room like I usually do. It's our ritual. She drinks a bottle while I watch Dr. Phil for 20 minutes. Or whatever show is on. Today, though, I decided to watch a movie instead.

Enter the chick flick. That was hubby's exit cue. He was out the door before I could say, "Honey, come watch and cuddle with me." He's not toopid!

Ok, I know this movie has been out since like December, but I'm just getting to watch it now that it's out on dvd.

P.S. I Love You

I started watching this movie not knowing what it was about. Nothing. I just knew it was a chick movie and that I'd probably like it since I'm a sucker for most of those. Can you say, "Titanic", "My Best Friends Wedding" and "The Notebook"??

I'm soooo glad that no one was around while I watched this movie! I have never and I mean never cried through and entire movie. Why did I do that?!

I know that Aunt Flo is close (she has been taunting me with her impending visit for a couple weeks now it seems). So that could be part of the problem. Or could it be that it was just a darn good movie? The actors were believable and the storyline was touching and well written. Usually, I don't really care for Hilary Swank, but she was excellent in this movie. Very believable and perfect for the part. And it didn't help that Gerard Butler is super hunky! Also, it was sprinkled with Irish overtones which takes the movie out of the norm. I get so sick of the same old, same old. I love how they mixed things up a bit. It was cool to hear him speak Irish even if he is really from Scotland. I'm part Irish and Scot, so it was a bonus for me ;)

Another bonus was Jeffery Dean Morgan. Great actor and handsommmme. (Why PG-13? He is the reason for the *brief nudity*. But don't worry, it's not as bad as you might imagine).

Boy, between Gerard Butler and JDM, it make me want to start a, "Hump-Day Hunk" blog post! (That sounds naughty...I truly mean Wednesdays!) Of course if I ever started a post like that, I'd put my own hubby first (awwww)....after all, everyone has their own love story right?

Anyway, have you seen this movie? And did you like it?

If you haven't, my suggestion is to rent it or watch it on PPV. But first you have to kick the family out of the house or they will think you are a sappy cry-baby freak!

Or is that just me?!

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Nikki said...

Sounds good- I'll have to check it out.

Holly said...

I was so excited to watch this movie when it came out on dvd. I actually went to two different stores (with almost $4.00/ gallon gas!!) to get it. I tried over three days to watch it and I kept falling asleep. On of the days, I actually woke up at the end when they are in the stadium so I know how it ends, but I ended up returning it beofre I watched the whole thing. Oh well... I am glad you liked it though. I love it when I find a movie I love! :)