Saturday, November 1, 2008

Chocolate Is A Staple Right?

I forgot to blog about this yummy treat way back in August. Jillian went to the Barnes & Noble in San Diego right at midnight when the book, "Breaking Dawn" came out. They had a costume party etc. She knew I would have loved to be there with her and my sister, but of course I couldn't be, so she brought home yummy Godiva for me. I didn't open that baby for over a month. Can you believe it?! I told Jillian that when I finally decided to eat it, I would share some with her. Ummm....I did NOT share. I'm a bad mamma. I ate the whole thing and loved every bit. Eek! I'll make it up to her by taking her to the, "Twilight" movie the first night that it's out. Wanna come with us?

We read all 4 books over the summer. Which one was the best? My personal opinion was that Eclipse was the best. Which one was the least exciting? Twilight. Again, my personal opinion. The other 2 were good and you have to read them all to get the whole story. If you like discussions on the book, "Breaking Dawn" and the Twilight saga, you can check out the one from Mormon Mommy Wars back in August.
Here is the link.

Has anyone read, "The Host" also written by Stephenie Meyer? I heard one review that it wasn't as good as the person thought, but does anyone else have an opinion? Should I spend the money on it as a Christmas gift for Jillian?

Leanne Sig.

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Holly said...

YUMMY CHOCOLATE!! I have no idea about anything Stephanie Meyer. Sorry! It seems like a lot of people like the books though!

Caity said...

Wait. Are you serious? Are you hinting at a girl's movie out night? If so, I'm in!