Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Want Some MBT's!

MBT Shoes.The, "Anti-shoe"? Have you seen these shoes yet? I spied them in the Family Circle magazine today. I'm sure I've seen them before, but didn't know the benefits to having a pair.

While they are funky looking, they are the kind of shoe I would love to wear every day. I'd have a pair for casual walking and a pair for my Walk Away The Pounds workout. Heck, I'd wear them anywhere because of the health benefits.

They are designed to boost muscle activity in your legs and decrease stress on your knees and hip bones, providing relief for your joints.

Masai Sensor (Masai Barefoot Technology®) creates a pleasant feeling of walking on a sandy beach or soft moss.

I've read that some doctors are recommending the shoes for people who have back, hip, foot and joint problems. I have backaches all the time, plus my feet hurt. I'm sure it's because of my weight, but it didn't help that I fell at church recently and that I wore flip-flops all summer.

Anyway, these shoes are also designed to help promote good posture. There seem to be a zillion reasons for me to buy some of these shoes...but of course there is one reason that I can't. They are $200 and up per pair. Ouch.

Zappo's has many styles and occasionally they go on sale, but I still can't afford $177 for a shoe on sale. *sigh*

But I can dream about it right? These are the pairs I would buy if I could afford them. Aren't they great? Funky, but great!

I saw a girl wearing these with a skirt in the ads. Works for me!

These would be great for walking as a routine or on hikes.

They also sell sandals and boots. Plus, professional styles. I wonder if they make children's shoes? They would be so much better for their growing feet.

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of this shoe, visit the website here. The website has a good amount of information plus it's a well-done site.

Annnnd....if you are interested in buying them from AMAZON, please search for them using the sidebar Amazon thingie's I have over there -------> :) Thanks!

P.S....Macie thinks these things are butt-ugly, so now I really wish I could afford them just to embarrass her.

Freebie Alert!

I saw that Lipstock is giving away a free sample of their Chapstock. Wha? Not Chapstick...it's Chapstock. It's a cream lip conditioner. Anyway, try it here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Leanne Sig.

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Andrea said...

Well it won't belong before Walmart makes a knock off. Probably won't be as great, but even if it only had half of the benefits it might still be worth it. Most cool things it seems look ugly to us at first. Like Crocs, weren't they ugly at first?

MEGAN said...

I think those sound awesome! I love the red ones. Hmm. I'm going to have to look into this. And I love my ugly crocs too. :) They SAVED me during my pregnancy.

Beth Soelberg said...

My foot and ankle specialist told me that my feet would continue to deteriorate and there was nothing I could do about it - except wear butt-ugly shoes (his words!) and orthotics forever.

I just bought some $100+ shoes online for my gimpy feet - they were New Balance brand - but maybe I should look into these soon-to-be-fashionable ones!