Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Try it Tuesday.....Ice Breakers restore Pomegranate Lemon-Aid Mints

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Mmmm. I've found a new snack to keep in my purse. Jillian pointed them out to me while we were in the check-out line in Meijer.

Of course we have all heard of Hershey's Ice Breakers. Their newest Ice Breakers product promises to give us vitamins with our candy. Yes, these are mints, yet the flavor is pomegranate with lemon. I like how the name says, "Lemon-Aid". Clever. The mints also come in a cute cream colored tin with a flip-top.

For a serving of 3 good sized mints (only 5 calories for all 3!!), they contain 10% of each of these vitamins: A,C,E & Zinc. Not too shabby. And they are tasty! I really like them. They are more lemon-y than pomegranate, but that's ok with me. They rock.

These mints contain NO sugar, but one bad thing...they DO contain sugar alcohols instead. Sometimes sugar alcohols give certain people digestive problems. But usually I fair well, so I'm not worried.

The new Ice Breakers line also carries an Energy mint, but I didn't pay it much mind because it contains caffeine.

We also tried Ice Breakers Chewy Sours in Strawberry Blast flavor. My husband brought those home for us to try. They are not gum. They are candy, but I wouldn't call them chewy. I think they are more rubbery-hard. Didn't like them so much. I would think the insides should be jelly bean consistency, but they are too hard. The outside shell is tasty with just the right amount of sour, but again, the inside isn't much to write home about. Luckily Brycen likes them (what kid would turn down candy anyway?!), so he took them tonight on his trip to New Jersey with Dad. He better feed my little boy more than just candy though! Why are they going to NJ you ask? They are delivering some Hurricane machines that a distributor bought. That means money in the bank. :) All I have to say is that they BETTER be back in one piece before we eat turkey on Thursday!

Leanne Sig.

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Nikki said...

Yea for more $$!! :) That's gotta make ya happy! Hope the business just keeps growing.
The mints sound pretty tasty- you know I'll try them when I see them. :)